LGD: Catfight

Jeff Veillette
March 29 2016 01:12PM

Once again, it's everyone favourite battle of the basement-dwelling youth versus the veteran-led playoff crew. The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Sunrise to take on the Florida Panthers for the last time this season; let's take a look at what's ahead.

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Why the Leafs are the right fit for Jimmy Vesey

Jeff Veillette
March 29 2016 10:17AM

Last night, news broke that Nashville Predators prospect Jimmy Vesey was going to run out the clock on his contract rights and refrain from signing with the team, opting to become an unrestricted free agent as soon as he's eligible to on August 15th. We talked about the possibility of Toronto being involved, but we never quite brought it into the "why" component of the equation. Let's talk about that for a bit, shall we?

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Leafs Postgame: Crying Lightning

Jeff Veillette
March 28 2016 08:57PM

Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY SPORTS

Before there were hot streaks, there were games like these. Games where the Toronto Maple Leafs seemed so totally in control of the flow but had zero ability to shape the result. For an organization looking to add another blue-chip prospect, those games are the best; they show that your team is capable of doing good things, but prevent you from having your lottery odds diminished. Even still, a 3-0 shutout is a rough way to get that result and exactly the path that the Leafs took tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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Highly Touted NCAA Prospect Jimmy Vesey To Become UFA in August

Jeff Veillette
March 28 2016 07:28PM

After months of speculation, the plot has officially thickened in regards to oft-speculated about prospect Jimmy Vesey. The former Nashville Predators prospect has decided to opt for unrestricted free agency in August, making him available to the other 29 teams in the National Hockey League.

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Maple Leafs sign Kasimir Kaskisuo to two-year deal

Jeff Veillette
March 28 2016 04:16PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have added to their goaltending depth today, signing college free agent Kasimir Kaskisuo to a two-year contract. 

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