Anatomy of an Incident: Nazem Kadri vs. The World

Jeff Veillette
March 22 2016 07:00AM

Screencap and all GFYs sourced from Sportsnet West

Last night's Leafs game was a fun one. The team was good, and William Nylander was even better in what was most definitely the best game of his young career so far. But there was a moment that almost distracted from the entire thing; a hit by Nazem Kadri that turned into some theatrics involving two Calgary Flames forwards. The full sequence can be found here, but let's break it down into chunks.

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Leafs Postgame: Welcome To The Nylander Show

Jeff Veillette
March 21 2016 09:50PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

It took a few games, but he's arrived. William Nylander took over the ice tonight at the Air Canada Centre, and left with three points and a mark left on the entire crowd's personal hype train. Oh, and the Leafs themselves picked up a 5-2 win in the process.

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Despite Depleted Lineup, Marlies Remain Strong in a 4-1 Win

Jeff Veillette
March 20 2016 05:17PM


Between call-ups, injuries, and injury call-ups, the Toronto Marlies are a decimated team. Many of their best players are elsewhere, and though they became the first team to mathematically clinch a playoff spot last night, they still have home ice and first place to worry about. For this reason no excuses were to be made, and they certainly didn't make them today, as the Marlies put up a 4-1 victory over Lake Erie.

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Marlies lose emotional game against Providence

Jeff Veillette
March 19 2016 03:53PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

After a late third-period rally against the Lehigh Valley Phantoms yesterday, the Toronto Marlies had their work cut out for them once again on Saturday afternoon. This time, they took on the Providence Bruins, who started the year off slow but have been one of the league's best teams over the past few months. In a game where the lead changed five times, the Bruins were the ones who ended up on top with a 5-4 result.

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LGD: Buffalow in the Standings

Jeff Veillette
March 19 2016 01:13PM

The Buffalo Sabres lose out on a lot of things. They lost out on Connor McDavid, they lost out on Mike Babcock, and they've lost pretty much every game they've played in the past several years. Those hoping for the tank to roll steady, though, know that the Sabres have been relatively good at securing rare victories against the Blue and White. Tonight, the two teams square off once again.

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