Why I stopped worrying and learned to love the World Cup of Hockey for what it is

Jeff Veillette
September 17 2016 10:19AM

Photo Credit: Eric Bolte/USA TODAY SPORTS

Tick, tock. The World Cup of Hockey, as of publish time, is about three and a half hours away from opening puck drop, and you're still seeing the same arguments arise in the hockey community. Do we care about the tournament? Why do we care? What does any of this mean? Does it really matter?

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Leafs kick off rookie tournament with victory over Sens

Jeff Veillette
September 17 2016 07:58AM


While most of the focus out there in the hockey world is on the World Cup of Hockey, many NHL teams are kicking off their training camps with their annual rookie tournaments across the continent. The Leafs are one of those teams, spending the weekend in London, Ontario to keep tabs on how their youngsters are doing. Last night kicked off the festivities, and they did so with a win.

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Leafs play final warm-up games ahead of World Cup

Jeff Veillette
September 15 2016 10:35AM

Photo Credit: Charles Leclaire/USA TODAY SPORTS

Yesterday was a crowded day in World Cup preliminary action, as six of eight teams played their final exhibition games before they all start mattering. Prior to that, Finland and the United States wrapped their schedule up on Tuesday night. Let's look at the Leafs representatives' involvement!

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WWYDW: Revisiting Russell

Jeff Veillette
September 14 2016 09:15AM


Do you remember the beginning of July? People's big dreams of superstar signings were being re-configured on the fly, and when the Leafs ended up signing Matt Martin, there was some concern that they could be looking at another player known for his gritty side, and that they weren't going to be afraid to spend it.

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Should the Leafs be running a "Top-9" offence this season?

Jeff Veillette
September 13 2016 10:16AM

Photo Credit: Robert Mayer/USA TODAY SPORTS

As the season approaches, fans and media have begun to dissect the remains and additions of this year's roster while wondering where everybody should be placed. The most important question to many, of course, is how the top two lines stack up.

But in asking that, it's possible that we're looking into a less-than-optimal situation if we're limiting the Leafs to a top-six, bottom-six team. Perhaps, with the coming injection of youth, the team should be looking towards more of a top-nine, bottom-three layout.

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