Bertuzzi incident puts black mark on 6-1 Marlies victory

Jeff Veillette
October 31 2015 12:55AM


There are a lot of good stories that should be talked about tonight. William Nylander stole everybody's hearts yet again with a pair of goals. Richard Panik went full early 90's Adam Oates and had four assists. TJ Brennan is near a point per game again.. Frank Corrado is starting to get back into game shape, and Garret Sparks saw his save percentage go from beer league to near the league's best in a matter of hours. 

We shouldn't be talking about Tyler Bertuzzi tonight, but yet, here were are. These are the type of moments that make people take the American Hockey League less seriously.

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Richard Clune signs NHL deal; will report to Leafs

Jeff Veillette
October 29 2015 09:37AM


The Toronto Maple Leafs have really made a point to keep us on our toes this morning, haven't they? Hot off the news of a new MLSE President and Mark Arcobello being placed on waivers, the team announced that Richard Clune has been upgraded to an NHL contract and will practice with the team today.

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Bibeau gets Marlies' first Back-to-Back, but ends winning streak in 3-1 defeat

Jeff Veillette
October 28 2015 09:18PM


A reoccurring theme for the Toronto Marlies over the past has come between the pipes. Since the Brian Burke era, the Leafs organization has almost always had a pair of young netminders in the Marlies, competing against each other in an attempt to win the starting job, which theoretically would help to improve their game.

Some good goalies have come up through this method; James Reimer has obviously been with the Leafs for years, Ben Scrivens spent a few years in the NHL and is a hot streak away from working his way back up. Even some of the guys who didn't quite make it (Jussi Rynnas, Mark Owuya, etc) have continued to get paid in pro hockey while producing decent results in the immediate for the Marlies. Save for the year and a half where Drew MacIntyre controlled the pipes, the trend has always been for that young duo to be the nucleus.

That hasn't changed this year; Antoine Bibeau and Garret Sparks are both vying to get the bulk of the minutes. Tonight, Antoine Bibeau got the first semblance of an indication that he might carry the weight.

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Despite Losses, Babcock Has Leafs Headed In Right Direction

Jeff Veillette
October 27 2015 07:05PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't had the best go at things to start the season. Nobody is going to deny that; a simple look at the standings shows a team that's tied for the penultimate spot in the league's standings, bringing together their 1-5-2 record to begin the year. 

Things haven't been going the right way for the Leafs. One goal games are ending the wrong way. Jonathan Bernier still has a habit of letting in the first shot, and James Reimer's save percentage is a bigger throwback to the 80's than Back To The Future Day was. But beyond the goals for and goals against, there have been some bright spots, and a lot of it comes from above.

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Monday Mailbag: Yaaaaawn

Jeff Veillette
October 26 2015 02:00PM


In an attempt to put myself into prime game shape to write on all of the sites on this network (okay, mostly here and Canucks Army), I've altered my sleeping schedule over the past few months. I go to bed really late, and sleep in until the sun burns my hair. It works out pretty well.

With that said, I have a place to be tonight, and had lots of stuff to take care of first. So I got up at 8 AM; a normal person's time.

I want to die. Somebody buy me a case of energy drinks, please.

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