Mitch Marner wins CHL Player of the Year, running out of room in trophy case

Jeff Veillette
May 28 2016 01:22PM

Sometimes, a player wins so many awards that you lose count and the excitement kind of tapers off. I think we're starting to get there with Mitch Marner, but if nothing else, bragging rights will keep it interesting.

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Nylander scores Hat Trick as Marlies bounce back in Game 4

Jeff Veillette
May 27 2016 09:01PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

Certain people in this city slammed the panic button this week. After the traumatic 8-2 blowout in Game 3, observers were quick to declare the Toronto Marlies' season as a wasted effort, and that William Nylander's lack of production was a sign that he wasn't the player everybody felt that he was.

Apparently, the young Swede and his teammates disagreed with this sentiment. The Marlies bounced back in a big way tonight, as Nylander scored a Hat Trick and the Marlies outshot the Bears by nearly double in a commanding 5-0 victory. 

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MGD Game 4: One Game At A Time

Jeff Veillette
May 27 2016 11:56AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The situation is bad. You don't need an expert to tell you that being down 3-0 in a series isn't particularly ideal. Most would have had the Marlies as the team in this type of drivers seat if you asked them a few weeks ago, but tonight, the team faces a much quicker elimination than anybody expected from these Eastern Conference Finals.

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The Marlies are in trouble, so let's see what they do with it

Jeff Veillette
May 26 2016 09:46AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

You know that a loss is bad when even the team delivering it to you is in a bit of shock. When Christian Djoos scored his second of the playoffs to put the Hershey Bears up 7-2 at Ricoh Coliseum last night, you didn't see a deadpan look on his face, nor did you see over-exuberance. Instead, a hearty laugh came from the 21-year-old defenceman. Not a "these guys are terrible" laugh, but more of a "how is this even possible?" laugh.

The Toronto Marlies are probably asking themselves the same question, though the tone is much darker in their context. Despite the expectations of just about anybody in the hockey world, the team isn't just on the verge of elimination; they're on the verge of getting swept.

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Marlies playoff hopes diminished after huge loss to Hershey

Jeff Veillette
May 25 2016 09:19PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Marlies had an opportunity to close the gap in the AHL's Eastern Conference Finals but ended up getting a near-opposite result. Despite a very competitive initial forty minutes, Toronto lost control in the third and gave up five goals, leading to an 8-2 final score.

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