Monday Mailbag: Happy Thanksgiving

Jeff Veillette
October 12 2015 11:10AM


It's Turkey Day! Today, we're thankful for every single one of you who comes back and makes us feel like our insanity placed in the form of paragraphs is worth something. We're also thankful that we had no expectations for this team to do great things this year, because if we did, we might be spending this weekend in an institution. This is going to be a weird six or so months..

Anyway, we have a bunch of questions this week, as we usually do. Let's get started!

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Nylander stands out in Marlies Season Opener

Jeff Veillette
October 09 2015 09:48PM


I don't know how many times I'll be able to say "William Nylander is really good at hockey" before you all get bored and young Snizzbone puts a restraining order on me. With that said, that day hasn't come yet, but the start of the Toronto Marlies' season came tonight. A somewhat renovated Ricoh Coliseum was the home of many debuts tonight, but it was the 19-year-old sophomore who stole the show.

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Marlies poised to be unique blend of talent and youth

Jeff Veillette
October 09 2015 02:51PM


These are not the Marlies who started last season with just five wins in their first nineteen games.

Technically, neither were the Marlies who finished off that season. As players started to gel, and a couple of additional talents were brought in, the team went on a 35-15-7 run to end the year. It was a pleasant surprise to those who just wanted to see the kids play their hearts out, yet after a quick first round elimination, you couldn't help but feel like this group was capable of a little more.

Fast forward to October. It's a new season. The core players remain with more experience than ever before, and they've been bolstered it with additional talent. Together, the old guard and the new kids on the block appear ready to take the American Hockey League for a wild and crazy ride. Let's go down the 26 man roster.

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The Orlando Solar Bears have new jerseys, and they're amazing

Jeff Veillette
October 08 2015 05:20PM

Before they were the ECHL team with the most NHL prospects in the league, the Orlando Solar Bears were best known for having the best branding in hockey. The contrast between the city and the name was only topped by the graceful yet over the top look of the logo, and the jerseys that just screamed Sunbelt hockey. It was deliciously meta, quite like the original Phoenix Coyotes jerseys were basically Arizona on a shirt.

But the team has one-upped themselves.

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Leafs win first coaches challenge in NHL history

Jeff Veillette
October 07 2015 06:50PM


I guess this is why the Toronto Maple Leafs gave Mike Babcock an eight-year contract. Midway through the second period, the blue and white risked giving up their only time out to challenge a goal by Jeff Petry, claming that Jonathan Bernier had been interfered with.

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