Shots and Penalties and the Marlies

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 01 2014 09:46PM


In previous rounds, I would have been already talking about the Toronto Marlies sweeping their opponents and being bored at practice. This time around, the blue and white need to win back to back games in hopes of winning. I talked about two major issues the Marlies had going into this series in my preview ahead of Game 1, and here's how they've played out:

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Marlies Lose Game 5, Trail 3-2

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 31 2014 03:57PM


This wasn't a must-win game mathematically, but realistically, it may as well have been. A loss today would put the Marlies in an elimination situation with the final two games of the series on the road, a situation you don't want to be in against an elite team that thrives in their home building. Unfortunately for Toronto, this is the exact situation they now face, following a 2-1 loss in Game 5 of the AHL's Western Conference Finals.

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Mailbag: Cough Sneeze

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 30 2014 07:03PM


If there's one fall back to not being the extremely large person I used to be, it's that my immune system sucks these days. I pick up stuff quite easily from people, and generally tend to get it worse. A minor cough and sneeze from a friend of mine has since turned into a couple of days of a full-on cold that may also end up being a sinus infection. But the show must go on, right? I've spent the last two Marlies games shivering in the press box and today, I'm taking a crack at some of your questions. Lets go!

To submit a question, send me a tweetemail meask me, or leave a comment.

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Marlies Win 4-1, Tie Series At 2-2

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 29 2014 07:51PM


Despite being out played in the first three games, it appears that the Toronto Marlies aren't ready to give up on this series just yet. Needing a much better effort and for the special teams opportunites to go in their favour, the blue and white got just that. An offensive explosion from their top forward and an aggressively controlled first half of the game lead to a 4-1 Marlies win to tie the AHL's Western Conference Finals at two games a piece.

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Marlies Lose 3-2 to Texas, Trail 2-1 in Series

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 28 2014 08:06PM


This had to be a radically different game for the Toronto Marlies than previous ones. We knew it, they knew it, everyone knew it. Allowing 102 shots in six periods is not a model for success, especially when you're sending back less than half of that. It's a miracle they got a win out of their time in Cedar Park, and if they wanted to do more, they'd have to bring a different game. In some respects, they did, but the second half told the story, and it was another scenario where the Marlies outshot, outplayed, and outscored, leading them to trail a series for the first time in these playoffs.

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