TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: Honourable Mentions

Jeff Veillette
August 07 2016 11:48AM


On Friday, we kicked off our summer prospect rankings by going over the players who received no votes from our staff. Today, we'll go over the players who did receive votes but didn't quite make the list. Let's begin!

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TLN Roundtable: Summer Sixteen

Jeff Veillette
August 06 2016 08:15AM


This weekend, we ignored our roots as a hockey site and decided to focus on things that actually matter, like what we've all been doing this summer. Not last summer, this summer. Not an NHL summer, but a TLN summer. Anyway...

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Babcock: Mitch Marner's chances of making Leafs 'real good'

Jeff Veillette
August 05 2016 01:03PM


Mike Babcock spoke with TSN during the second intermission of today's World Junior Showcase game between Canada and Sweden. The topic of interest was Mitch Marner, and the things he had to say about the 19-year-old Leafs prospect were overwhelmingly positive.

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: 10 players who received no votes from us

Jeff Veillette
August 05 2016 09:29AM


It's the most wonderful time of the year! You know, when there's next to no hockey news, and we spend a lot of time over-analyzing a bunch of players who can't legally drink in most, if not all of the cities that they play in. 

This year's panel features Ryan Hobart, Shawn Reis, Jess Pincente, Ryan Fancey, Adam Laskaris, Katy Tearle, Dominik Luszczyszyn, and myself. We also took in reader rankings over the course of July to see how you all felt before reading our profiles, which has helped us create a consensus ranking of nearly 375 users that will be featured throughout the series and broken down in more detail when the rankings are done.

For now, though, we kick off the series with ten players who didn't receive a single vote from our staff. Is that a knock on these players? Or is it a byproduct of the system being so overloaded with talent? Well, let's take a look at each player.

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Everyone's having an NHL Summer

Jeff Veillette
August 04 2016 03:06PM

Leo Komarov has been having NHL summers since they were KHL summers.

Possibly the biggest PR Buzzword for the Leafs organization this season, after the tank wrapped up and they were able to throw away "pain", was "NHL summer". Tobias Lindberg wants to make the NHL? He needs to have an NHL summer. William Nylander and Mitch Marner want to secure their spots for next year? They need NHL summers. Nazem Kadri wants to be a first line player? You better believe he needs an NHL summer.

Apparently, the team is listening.

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