Marlies Announce Training Camp Roster

Jeff Veillette
September 28 2015 09:50AM


The Toronto Marlies begin traning camp today, and with that comes a roster of players, including a blend of both expected and new players. Here's who you'll see in camp over the coming days.

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Marner heads back to London, Setoguchi and Glencross cut, Madore sent to Marlies in latests Leafs roster slash

Jeff Veillette
September 27 2015 12:42PM

Some were hoping to see Mitch Marner impress enough to make the Toronto Maple Leafs as an eighteen-year-old, but at the end of the day, the long-shot hopes ended up missing the mark. The 2015 fourth-overall pick highlighted a shortlist of cuts to the Leafs roster today, which also included Curtis Glencross, Devin Setoguchi, and Rob Madore. 

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Leafs Postgame: Oh, there they are

Jeff Veillette
September 25 2015 09:43PM


The Buffalo Sabres were better than the Leafs last year where it counted - at being bad. This year, the cross-QEW rivals begin their climb back to the top of the National Hockey League, loaded with prospects and newly-acquired players. While the Leafs appear poised to stay near the bottom, the points don't matter right now and hey, who likes losing to the Sabres?

If you guessed "tonight's roster", you'd probably be wrong, but you wouldn't know it from their second period and their penalty kill.

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Mike Babcock hints at a future involving more local players

Jeff Veillette
September 25 2015 03:34PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are very excited to have Shawn Matthias on their team, but he might be even more excited than them to be here. Shawn is part of a temporarily dying (lack of success does that) breed of Toronto-era children who grew up cheering for the blue and white, before moving on to a career of their own. Now, he's beginning to live out the finer details of his childhood dreams; something that Mike Babcock likes, and encourages.

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William Nylander could become the AHL's first 100 point teenager

Jeff Veillette
September 24 2015 07:30AM


William Nylander's pre-season has gotten off to a good start. He looked significantly better than any player in the London Rookie Tournament, Leafs or otherwise, and his offensive instincts have somehow become even more obvious as he's faced more difficult opponents in the pre-season. If anything, he almost looks held back by his linemates, who often aren't expecting him to make his upper-echelon plays to get them the puck.

It's not crazy to deem him ready for the NHL, but at the same time, the present situation might not make that the most opportune scenario for either side. This leaves the Toronto Marlies, who he spent the lattter half of last year playing for, as his likely destination. The question from there is a simple one: "What could he do with a full season?"

While far from a guarantee, there's a distinct possibility that everybody's favourite Calgary-born Swede could become the first teenager in the history of the American Hockey League to hit the 100 point plateau.

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