LGD: Buffalow in the Standings

Jeff Veillette
March 19 2016 01:13PM

The Buffalo Sabres lose out on a lot of things. They lost out on Connor McDavid, they lost out on Mike Babcock, and they've lost pretty much every game they've played in the past several years. Those hoping for the tank to roll steady, though, know that the Sabres have been relatively good at securing rare victories against the Blue and White. Tonight, the two teams square off once again.

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Marlies rally in third period to hit 45 win mark

Jeff Veillette
March 18 2016 09:21PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/TSGPhoto.com

The Toronto Marlies might be down a few players, but that doesn't mean that they're not capable of the occasional bit of magic. Despite being on the verge of being shut out, two quick goals in the dying moments of regulation were enough to begin turning the team's only slump of the year into a thing of the past.

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Leafs Postgame: Old Bosses beat New Kids

Jeff Veillette
March 17 2016 09:03PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

I'd love for this recap to be a post about how awesome it was to see local boy Connor Brown play his first game for his childhood team and dominate. I'm sure he loved the experience, but his debut was one which saw him fly under the radar. In the meantime, his teammates put in a strong effort, but couldn't deliver against Jaromir Jagr, Roberto Luongo, and pals. The Florida Panthers skated away with a 4-1 victory that further cements Toronto's place at the bottom.

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Why the Toronto Maple Leafs are justified in raising their ticket prices

Jeff Veillette
March 17 2016 07:04PM

USATSI_7681407 (1)
Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

In yet another case of "things that are only a story in Toronto", a report from the Star today revealed that the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to increase their season ticket prices this year. The number is insignificant by percentage, but with the team sitting near the bottom of the standings, seeing any sort of increase to what is known to be the league's most expensive ticket is a bit jarring.

With that said, here are a few reasons why it's not something to worry about.

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Daly: Salary Cap Expected to Increase To $74M Next Year

Jeff Veillette
March 16 2016 10:23AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have spent the past year and a half getting themselves into a comfortable salary cap situation, and from the looks of it, that may not have been the worst idea. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly spoke to the media today regarding the league's player payment flexibility moving into next year, and it doesn't seem like there's going to be very much change. 

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