Do the Leafs now have a serious Stamkos competitor?

Jeff Veillette
June 24 2016 08:33PM

The Draft Day trade that most impacts the Toronto Maple Leafs might not have directly involved them. Despite many expecting the Detroit Red Wings to have difficulty in trading Pavel Datsyuk's contract, but on the floor, Ken Holland managed to pull a fast one on the rest of the league.

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Should the Leafs kick tires on Nail Yakupov?

Jeff Veillette
June 24 2016 11:40AM

While the focus in Edmonton appears to be on the sudden maybe-sweepstakes for Montreal Canadiens defenceman PK Subban, gossip has floated around regarding former first overall pick Nail Yakupov and his future in the city. 

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Today is a good day

Jeff Veillette
June 24 2016 07:36AM

Before everybody's chips land on the table, trades start to fly around, and teenagers begin to get poached by NHL teams, I think it's important that we step back and acknowledge today's circumstances. Nothing substantial, but an acknowledgement nonetheless.

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These are the new Leafs jerseys

Jeff Veillette
June 23 2016 02:45PM


Thanks to what very well may have been a technical error, the Toronto Maple Leafs' new jerseys from next year have been revealed by the team this afternoon.

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Why the Leafs are better off with Andersen than drafting two goalies

Jeff Veillette
June 23 2016 11:25AM

It's a few days after the fact, and people are still arguing about the Frederik Andersen trade. It's not surprising; it's the offseason. Hell, it's Toronto; he could win the next five Vezina trophies and we'd still be debating this at the end of his contract.

But mostly, the concern comes from the draft picks. Yes, the Leafs still have 11 out of their assigned 7 going into tomorrow and Saturday and are above the assigned amount next year as well. But many wish the Leafs used one or both of those picks on a younger netminder instead of paying a 26-year-old.

So let's do an experiment. Let's use history to draft two goalies.

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