Dallas Stars win Coaches Challenge to prevent Brad Boyes from scoring go-ahead goal

Jeff Veillette
November 02 2015 06:30PM


Early in the first period, Brad Boyes scored for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a great moment; it was Boyes' first goal as a member of the Leafs, fifteen years after been drafted by them. Byron Froese grabbed his first NHL point. As well, I mean, the Leafs had the lead! For about a minute, until Jamie Benn tied things back up.

But Boyes seemed poised to keep things going. Just a few minutes later, he scored again; or so we thought. Lindy Ruff and the Dallas Stars felt something was a little messed up, and they were proven right.

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Why this photo is a visual representation of the 2015/16 Leafs

Jeff Veillette
November 02 2015 03:58PM

Screencap Credit: Hockey Night in Canada

Before we turn the page on Toronto's last showing and dive into Tyler Seguin's upcoming assault on the Air Canada Centre, I want to talk about this moment late in the third period of Saturday night's loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Quite simply, I don't think we're going to find a better visual representation of this pocket era of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Connor Brown out indefinitely with fractured ankle

Jeff Veillette
November 02 2015 08:34AM


The never ending depth of the Toronto Marlies can get frustrating for its players at times, but on occasion, the team lands itself in a situation where having an abundance of roster players plays to its benefits.

Such is the case right now, with the news that Connor Brown will be out of the lineup indefinitely thanks to an ankle fracture.

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Arcobello has dazzling debut, scores pair of goals in Marlies 3-2 win over Albany

Jeff Veillette
November 01 2015 04:23PM


For now, at least, Marc Arcobello is the victim of a numbers game in Toronto. Hanging on to a roster spot with the Leafs requires you to either have a core asset, or be able to do something that stands out from your peers.

Unfortunately for Arcobello, he doesn't fit either side of the coin. He's a new member of the team on a one-year, $1.1 million contract, and he wasn't really contributing on the ice. Yes, his 11:20 of average ice time wasn't particularly high, but through seven games played, he had zero points and largely pedestrian possession numbers. Particularly when your team is bleeding losses, you're not going to get much benefit of the doubt.

Such is the story of much of his NHL career; he's never strung together more than half a season with a single team. But in the AHL, he's a different beast.

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The Leafs should probably give Kessel a montage

Jeff Veillette
October 31 2015 12:27PM

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs are bad at a lot of things. Anybody who has watched the team in the past, well, five decades can tell you that. The team has always found a way to be aggressively bad, or finish their season in catastrophic disappointment.

But man, if they're good at anything. It's honouring players. Even the nobodies. If you play for the Leafs and you come back to the ACC with another team, you better believe that you're getting a tribute on the scoreboard during one of the first couple of TV timeouts.

Unless you're Phil Kessel, apparently. 

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