Marlies Depth Shines in Blowout Win

Jeff Veillette
October 24 2015 12:52AM

We've spent a decent amount of time talking about the top-end talent on the Toronto Marlies. The William Nylander, Connor Brown, Kasperi Kapanen types. When you talk about how good this team could be, it's easy to point to the big name prospects.

But what gets lost in the discussion is just how many players you can point to as being "too good" to be in the positions they are. If there was ever a night that proved it, it was tonight.

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Leafs recall Byron Froese From Marlies

Jeff Veillette
October 23 2015 09:50AM


If there was ever a moment in the current management regime's top-down restructuring that made it all make sense, it's this one. Some people have questioned the idea of the Leafs organization seemingly signing any hockey player that wasn't signed elsewhere, but in less than eleven months, the approach has shown its first significant payoff with the recall of Byron Froese.

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Leafs send Frank Corrado down to Marlies on Conditoning Stint

Jeff Veillette
October 22 2015 12:39PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made a sudden and, to some, startling move, sending defenceman Frank Corrado to the Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League. The move is a temporary one, and is being labelled as a conditioning stint.

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Monday Mailbag: Philling Empty

Jeff Veillette
October 19 2015 02:49PM


Phil Kessel's first game against the Leafs has come and gone, and it was pretty underwhelming. He didn't score. The Penguins didn't run up the numbers. Tyler Bozak stayed out of the lineup, presumably to avoid showing up his best friend. But it's behind us now, and we can focus on the important things, like continuing to lose while looking good doing so. Oh, and answering Mailbag questions, obviously.

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The Toronto Marlies Will Not Go 76-0-0 This Year

Jeff Veillette
October 18 2015 04:29PM


With this year's expectations given to the Toronto Maple Leafs leaning towards "do your best" rather than "bring us some rings", the fanbase's expectations have been placed on their AHL counterparts, the Marlies. You can't blame the fans either; the team is loaded with young, NHL-quality players who are expected to be a big part of the future of the big club. In the meantime, they're expected to be the present of the league below.

Of course, they're a gigantic disappointment. Not only did they not go 76-0-0 this year, they've killed that dream in just four games. How do they sleep at night?

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