Leafs sign Curtis Glencross to PTO

Jeff Veillette
September 09 2015 03:21PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have potentially bolstered their stunning depth of good-but-not-great players today, signing winger Curtis Glencross to a professional tryout deal.

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Monday Mailbag: Labour of Love

Jeff Veillette
September 07 2015 04:58PM


It's Labour Day! Many look at today in different ways - some see it as a fashion cue, some see it as the death of summer, and children everywhere groan at the realities of having to go back to school. I like to take positives out of it, however; it's the last major holiday until hockey! Though, at the same time, the grocery stores are closed. The last second race to buy food yesterday was.. interesting. Anyway, let's tackle some questions.

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TLN Top 10: Leafs Defencemen, 5-1

Jeff Veillette
September 06 2015 10:00AM

Today, we continue to count down the ten best defencemen in Leafs history. Unlike Jon, who had to explain why he cut Rick Vaive, Phil Kessel, and Babe Dye, I don't have any cuts to explain. I will, however, tell you why I didn't include point-per-game leader Harry Cameron on my list. While one looks at his totals and screams "this dude was Karlsson and Green combined, what the hell?!", he played in an era where teams often had one defensive pairing and a rover. Points/60 wasn't a thing back then, but if it was, he'd probably be in Frazer McLaren territory. So, no Cameron.

Anyway, the top five.

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TLN Top 10: Leafs Defencemen, 10-6

Jeff Veillette
September 05 2015 10:00AM

As the witty and handsome Jon Steitzer mentioned earlier this morning, we've successfully rounded out our All-Time Leafs team, and now have an opportunity to talk about who is better than who on these teams. To be honest, Jon had things a little bit easier than the rest of us; with thirteen forwards on the roster, he simply had to pick his ten favourite of the bunch. Defence, on the other hand? We had seven guys, and this is a top ten list. As such, we get to induct three players into the "participation ribbon" level of Leafs greats.

We're going to do that part today. Read on to see how it goes!

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Don't Talk To Me About Numbers

Jeff Veillette
September 02 2015 12:51PM

Mitch Marner, a good hockey player who is going to be a very good rookie in whichever year the Leafs feel he's ready to make his debut, is still without a jersey number. So much so, that he did his Upper Deck photo shoot this week with just a nameplate on. Typically, he's worn #93, but now that he plays for his home team, he recognizes that taking the number that people associate with Doug Gilmour might be a little out of line.

Given the present culture, he's probably right. But why does that culture have to exist?

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