Leafs Postgame: 79-2-1

Jeff Veillette
October 16 2015 09:00PM


Hockey is a game of inches. Inches away from being offside. Inches away from getting your stick on an airborne puck. Inches away from covering the man. Inches away from your off-the-post shot going the other direction. Inches of hair away from your scalp as you rip it off your head in anxious frustration.

The Leafs provide a lot of anxious frustration. At times, the end results brought that tonight. But they played another game of fine hockey and were rewarded with their first win of the season, outscoring the Columbus Blue Jackets 6-3.

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The Best It's Been In A Long Time

Jeff Veillette
October 15 2015 01:43PM

It's about 5:00 PM yesterday afternoon, and I'm sitting on the second floor of the Imperial Pub, watching the Blue Jays in Game 5 of the ALDS. It's a place I like going to from time to time, and really came to appreciate when I was working at the Eaton Centre. It's got a quiet, laid-back atmosphere, it's easy to get to, the servers are nice, the prices are right, and there's free popcorn. 

It wasn't particularly laid back today, though. Tensions and nerves were high, and the place was packed, to the point where I split my table with strangers. It was an atmosphere that I haven't felt in this city since a certain day in May 2013, which nobody on this site likes to speak of very much.

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Nikolai Skladnichenko and Toronto Marlies Mutually Part Ways

Jeff Veillette
October 12 2015 08:47PM

When you sign a grocery list's worth of players to contracts across the organization, it's not surprising when one or two don't go according to plan. Such is the case with forward Nikolai Skladnichenko, who the Marlies have agreed to part ways with so he can pursue other opportunities.

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Monday Mailbag: Happy Thanksgiving

Jeff Veillette
October 12 2015 11:10AM


It's Turkey Day! Today, we're thankful for every single one of you who comes back and makes us feel like our insanity placed in the form of paragraphs is worth something. We're also thankful that we had no expectations for this team to do great things this year, because if we did, we might be spending this weekend in an institution. This is going to be a weird six or so months..

Anyway, we have a bunch of questions this week, as we usually do. Let's get started!

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Nylander stands out in Marlies Season Opener

Jeff Veillette
October 09 2015 09:48PM


I don't know how many times I'll be able to say "William Nylander is really good at hockey" before you all get bored and young Snizzbone puts a restraining order on me. With that said, that day hasn't come yet, but the start of the Toronto Marlies' season came tonight. A somewhat renovated Ricoh Coliseum was the home of many debuts tonight, but it was the 19-year-old sophomore who stole the show.

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