It's hard not to feel bad for Joffrey Lupul in this situation

Jeff Veillette
September 22 2016 11:43AM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

We've been talking about this for months; or rather, we haven't. Joffrey Lupul's banishment from the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup had become such a foregone conclusion that people stopped specifying "if he plays" as early as July, 

Today, everybody's expectations were finally confirmed, as both Lou Lamoriello and Lupul himself put out statements to the world.

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Auston Matthews is out of this world

Jeff Veillette
September 21 2016 01:41PM


We knew Auston Matthews was good. Maybe great. Maybe super duper great. But we still had a level of expectation that his greatness would develop over time; not begin to take over the hockey world before it started.

Well, we should probably start adding nitrous oxide to our hype train, because today's goal just sent things into overdrive.

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WCOH Postgame: Russia beats North America in thriller

Jeff Veillette
September 19 2016 09:50PM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamlton/USA TODAY SPORTS

We wanted fast paced, high energy hockey, and boy, did we ever get it. This was a game that not only lived up to expectation but pulled up the rest of the games surrounding it to really drive home the World Cup of Hockey's entertainment value, if not its oft-debated "legitimacy". A quick run of goals for the Russians gave the young North Americans the chance to attempt a comeback for the ages, and they almost pulled it off but fell just short in a 4-3 defeat.

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VIDEO: McDavid, Matthews, Scheifele combine for high-flying first tally

Jeff Veillette
September 19 2016 06:36PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Sousa/USA TODAY SPORTS

Hockey fans at the Air Canada Centre got a bit of a taste of both their future and that of the National Hockey League, as Canadian franchise centrepieces Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, and Mark Scheifele combined for a jaw-dropping first period tally in Team North America's game against Russia.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: September 19th

Jeff Veillette
September 19 2016 03:13PM


Watching Roman Polak live is so fun. I think I've said this in a mailbag before; I don't think that he's an overly effective player, but he's so fearless and willing to do anything for his team that it always looks like a perfect disaster. While answering these questions, I watched him block a shot, look definitely injured, shake it off, and crosscheck a Team Europe player. Bless that man.

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