TLN Plays of the Month: July 2016

Jeff Veillette
July 31 2016 12:05PM


Well, that was an eventful month! What was supposed to be the glorious end to Stammergeddon and a period of relaxation where nobody quite cared about anything else ended up being much different. The Leafs instead ended up building up the depth side of the roster with a level of urgency that made us all get a little antsy, for better or for worse.

Anyway, with the month behind about to be behind us, and knowing that some of our readers may have gone on vacation or taken an offseason breather from the game, I've assembled all of the news, takes, and resources that TLN had to offer in July into a couple of easy to follow lists.

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The long-term outlook of Toronto's rookie bonuses

Jeff Veillette
July 30 2016 05:01PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a lot invested in their young core, both figuratively and literally. The team is looking to its youth to re-ignite the once great franchise, building themselves up from within through scouting and player development to create a sustainable environment for long-term success.

They've also made a lot of promises to players if they're good and have brought in a few players who had those promises attached to them. Listed below is every potential performance bonus that the Leafs could end up paying over the next three seasons.

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TLN Roundtable: Back that pass up

Jeff Veillette
July 30 2016 09:08AM


The Leafs have all of their forwards signed. In fact, they might just have too many. They also have all of their defencemen signed, and there might be an abundance there too. But between the pipes?  Frederik Andersen is presumably the starting goalie after that trade and contract extension, but... who is supporting him? Our esteemed panel gives its opinions.

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5 Players that the Leafs Could Buy Out Next Week

Jeff Veillette
July 29 2016 04:53PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

Thanks to the oddities of the NHL Rulebook, the Toronto Maple Leafs now have an opportunity to shed some contracts. Their arbitration-eligible players have now all been settled with, which means a second "buyout window", lasting 48 hours, will open up on Monday. Seeing as the Leafs have less than $60,000 in cap space at this exact moment and a lot of potential rookie bonuses to deal with that can't be thrown under Nathan Horton's LTIR, this may be a good way for the team to optimize their cap situation for the next two seasons ahead.

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Leafs sign Martin Marincin to 2-year deal ahead of arbitration

Jeff Veillette
July 29 2016 01:49PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

It's officially confirmed - literally nobody wants to sit in an arbitration room with Lou Lamoriello. Martin Marincin, the last remaining restricted free agent for the Leafs to sign this offseason has agreed to a two-year deal with the team.

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