The Toronto Marlies Should Give TJ Brennan A Hard Decision

Jeff Veillette
June 07 2016 07:00AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

According to a report from the Toronto Sun's Lance Hornby, Toronto Marlies defenceman TJ Brennan has been offered a contract by a mystery team in the Kontinental Hockey League for next season. Hearing such news isn't incredibly shocking, given his success, but it's still something that the team will have to address in some way, shape, or form.

It's generally accepted that competing with the KHL's big chequebooks for "AAAA Talent" is a losing battle. But it doesn't have to be if the team does it properly.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: June 6th

Jeff Veillette
June 06 2016 01:06PM


Hey! I'm not dead, no matter what my Twitter timeline might lead you to believe. This offseason is just too fun to escape, and will only get more fun in the coming weeks. With that in mind, I reached back into the mailbag and grabbed a few of your questions from the past week. Let's begin!

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Marlies Year In Review: Goaltending Wrap-Up

Jeff Veillette
June 05 2016 11:35AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

Goaltending is often called the most important position in hockey, and it's hard to dispute that. Position players can affect the course of the game when they're on the ice, but outside of a few big moments a year, no individual is looked upon to win or lose his team the game. A goalie, however? They can change the course of the competition every two minutes or less.

In the case of the Toronto Marlies, they may have had some of the hottest sticks in the AHL this year, and that helped them achieve success, but being able to pair it with support from a shockingly long list of netminders was what kept this team on top of their world for as long as they were.

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Marlies Year In Review: Garret Sparks

Jeff Veillette
June 04 2016 10:42AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

On Thursday, we kicked off our Marlies Year In Review series by looking at Antoine Bibeau, who was Toronto's most frequently played goaltender in the regular season and playoffs. With that said, he wasn't the one who reached the biggest heights; that would be Garret Sparks, who, with a couple of ups downs, had a breakthrough season.

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TLN Roundtable: All The Picks

Jeff Veillette
June 03 2016 04:07PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs have draft picks. A lot of them, in fact. Among the most in NHL history, in fact. As the team begins their climb back to the top, they'll have a dozen picks to invest in Auston Matthews and a bunch of other young players on a sunny June weekend in Buffalo. But is twelve the magic number? Our esteemed panel gives their thoughts.

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