Mailbag: Coastal Shots and Character Counts

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 24 2014 09:52AM


The Marlies are off until Monday. I have a weird High School reunion-esque thing to go to today, and probably have little time to do much else other than write a mailbag. In unrelated news, hey have this mailbag!

...that sounded selfish. The mailbag shouldn't be the "Jeff is too distracted to do research" thing. Besides, I like answering questions. I just really suck at these introduction paragraphs. That's what it really comes down to. You're probably better off just hitting "read more", or scrolling down. I know I'm going to do that right... now.

To submit a question, send me a tweetemail meask me, or leave a comment.

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Marlies Take 1-0 Series Lead over Texas

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 23 2014 09:31PM


Heading into tonights game, the Texas Stars' home ice advantage had some prior history on its side. They haven't lost a playoff game at home this season. Their opponents haven't beat them in Cedar Park since November 2012. They've only lost 9 of 42 home games this year on the whole. It's a scary situation to be in, and especially when you're the underdog. But the Toronto Marlies know all about overcoming the odds this year, and continued their run of unfathomable success, getting outshot by 31 but outscoring their opponents 5-1.

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Series Preview: Marlies vs. Stars

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 22 2014 02:09PM


"I've always believed that there's a fine line between cockiness and confidence, and we want to remain confident, but not cross over". These were the words of Steve Spott yesterday morning, as the team practiced at home for the last time before heading to Cedar Park, Texas to play the first game of the AHL's Western Conference Finals.

They're going in 7-0. Not bad for a team that wasn't expected to make the playoffs at all. But their new opponent is without a doubt, the toughest one yet. 

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REMINDER: That's Just Your Opinion, Man

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 21 2014 01:42PM


I checked my AskFM inbox today, as I usually do. After all, I'd like to be on top of all the requests for me to jump off a bridge, the messages about how I'm arrogant and stupid and a bad writer, and occasionally, a question or two about either myself or the Toronto Maple Leafs organization. I found this:


Lets have a real talk moment, if you'll allow it.

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World Championship Update: Leafs Doing Things

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 20 2014 07:17PM

#489209503 /

In case you forgot, the IIHF World Hockey Championship is going on as we speak! It's an event that kids of some backgrounds aspire to win, and others aspire to never participate in, because that means they didn't spend enough time in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Leafs, of course, spent no time in the playoffs, and as such have a bunch of guys playing. The Group Stages are done, so here's a quick guide to what's happened so far. 

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