Relive The 2000-01 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Jeff Veillette
July 27 2015 07:48AM

As the summer drags on here at The Leafs Nation dot com, we've decided to spend some of our time looking at the team that was, is, and will be moving forward. To kick things off, we'll be spending some time talking about the 2000/01 Leafs roster, one that showed signs of extreme potential but didn't exactly go an extreme distance.

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DEVELOPING: Something Is Happening With Dave Morrison

Jeff Veillette
July 24 2015 08:44PM

According to Sportsnet Magazine's Gare Joyce, the Toronto Maple Leafs have made their first personnel decision of the Lou Lamoriello era, firing Director of Amateur Scouting Dave Morrison may or may not be doing something with Dave Morrison. 

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Monday Mailbag: Good To Be Back

Jeff Veillette
July 20 2015 05:45PM


As it turns out, I haven't died, lost the will to write, or been hired by an NHL team. Instead, I did a lot more focusing on the task at hand with the Five Hole For Food road crew this year, and didn't write sleep-deprived filler articles throughout July. But the tour is done; we raised a staggering amount of food once again this year, and have gone our separate ways. 

Which means I'm back! I fly back to Toronto tomorrow evening, and I'm here to irritate you all with my thoughts and takes once again. To start off, here's a few questions that you had for me this week.

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Toronto Marlies Round Out Coaching Staff

Jeff Veillette
July 02 2015 01:54PM


It appears that the Leafs are capable of signing coaches as well as players in this free agent frenzy, adding two members to the Tornoto Marlies' staff while retaining three others. Headlining the crew is Gord Dineen, who will return to the team as an associate coach.

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Will You Play Hockey For Food?

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2015 07:00AM


The summer has quietly arrived. The weather is nice, people are looking for things to do, and unfortunately, watching hockey isn't one of their options. We've got lots of offseason stuff to talk about, but no games to watch. Of course, that's a first world problem; there are much more unfortunate things out there - such as the thousands of Canadian families who aren't able to afford to eat, especially in the months after holiday donations dry up.

Enter Five Hole For Food; an organization that aims to solve the latter via a solution for the former.

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