TLN Monday Mailbag: May 30th

Jeff Veillette
May 30 2016 08:42PM


What a great first game of the Stanley Cup Finals we've seen so far! Clearly, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks are the types of teams that the Leafs aspire to be in the long run. Full of talent, fuelled by a bit of luck, but mostly with a long-term plan centred around consistent success.

Truly it's a great way to spend a Monday night. Wait, Monday?

*looks at clock* *swears*

Hey! It's time for another mailbag.

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Mitch Marner will never survive the NHL

Jeff Veillette
May 30 2016 10:55AM

Yesterday, Mitch Marner capped off one of the single greatest seasons in the history of junior hockey. He finished second in OHL scoring, won the league MVP award, dominated the playoffs, won that MVP, dominated the Memorial Cup, won that MVP, and won the CHL MVP award to top it all off. 

He's the third player in history to sweep all of the MVP awards, the second youngest to do so, and the first to do it in 16 years. At times, he looked like he was using the games as practices, defeating his opponents at 80, 70, 60% intensity because anything further would have been embarrassing.

But it won't last. At 5'11, Mitch Marner is too small to play in the NHL.

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Mitch Marner wins Memorial Cup MVP, sweeps the silverware

Jeff Veillette
May 29 2016 05:46PM

Hockey has officially closed out for the Leafs organization this season. The World Championships are long done, the Toronto Marlies have been eliminated, and with the Memorial Cup Finals just ending, they no longer have Junior Hockey to scout or meaningful games for their prospects to play.

With Leafs draft picks on both the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies and the London Knights, there was going to be a high note for the group to end on no matter what. In this case, it was JJ Piccinich and Mitch Marner who got to celebrate at the final buzzer, with the latter capping off a historical season with even more silverware than he's already earned.

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Marlies eliminated from Calder Cup Playoffs as Hershey advance to Finals

Jeff Veillette
May 29 2016 04:44PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

I don't think anybody has wanted a reason to travel to Hershey, Pennsylvania more than the Toronto Marlies did this afternoon. Maybe somebody who really, really loves grocery store chocolate. But with the series once again on the line, the blue and white planned on doing anything in their power to get there.

It didn't work out the way they thought it would, though, and the Marlies dropped the game 3-2 to end the series at 4-1, ending their season a little earlier than anticipated.

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MGD Game 5: Still Doubtful, But Still Doable

Jeff Veillette
May 29 2016 08:55AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

One game at a time. Just like we said here before Game 4. When you're down by what appears to be an insurmountable amount, the objective should always be to push yourself to reach more realistic goals along the way. 

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