POSTGAME - Leafs Sweep Alberta

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 30 2013 10:49PM

HEY DID YOU KNOW THAT THING ABOUT THE C'S? Yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs had lost four games this year, going into tonight's game. Yes, their losses came against Carolina, Chicago, Colorado, and Columbus, whose city names all start with the letter C. Yes, Calgary also starts with that letter, and no, the Illuminati isn't out to get you. More important than alphabetical curses tonight was the chance to take a four point lead on the Atlantic Division. This was a night where exorcism and lead extension were in play, however, and the Leafs extended their Western Canada road trip record to 2-0-0 going into the conclusion. 

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The Phil Kessel Bus-Tossing Database

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 30 2013 08:21AM


Phil Kessel is awesome. The man who we described on here as a steal at eight million dollars per season now has nine goals and nine assists in just thirteen games. This is probably unsustainable, to say the least, but it appears likely that Kessel will have his third consecutive point-per-game season in blue and white, and his fifth at a 30+ goal pace. Forget about whether there's a way to get more out of him for a second. We can all agree the Leafs should be very happy to have him, right? About that... here's just a small sample of the Toronto Media over the past few years. 

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Leafs Call Up John-Michael Liles

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 28 2013 10:08AM


If the Toronto Maple Leafs really were rewarding players based on performance, it seemed like just a matter of time before John-Michael Liles clawed his way back in to the NHL, even if for a brief stay. Now, twenty nine days after clearing waivers and being assigned to the Toronto Marlies, he's back with the big club.

"I think we have quite a few really good defencemen in this organization and its never a bad thing to have. It just makes for a couple of odd guys out every now and again." said Liles when originally sent down, and so far, he appears to be right. While forwards have made their way up and down over the past few weeks, it's been hard for any defencemen to make a leap in any part of the organization. 

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Marlies Fall 3-2 To Rockford

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 23 2013 08:01PM

As we all know, the Toronto Maple Leafs took a chip to their high-flying armour against the Chicago Blackhawks last Saturday night. While a win against Anaheim put them in the right direction, there's still something to be said about a little organizational revenge. Tonight was an opportunity for that, as the Rockford IceHogs came into town to take on the Toronto Marlies in an AHL version of the matchup. Unfortunately for them, they couldn't cease it. Despite an early 2-0 lead, Rockford scored three straight to take the two points. 

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Marlies Win 2-1 Over Hamilton

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 20 2013 04:01PM

The Toronto Marlies / Hamilton Bulldogs rivalry may be the most repetitive in professional hockey. Partially due to proximity, and partially due to the AHL's concept of scheduling, the two teams face each other twice every preseason, and a whopping dozen times over the course of the regular season. On one hand, having 18% of guaranteed games against the same team can be stale to some, but makes the games very heated. Not only are you developing these players to become NHLers, you're developing them go have pre-existing hatred once they get there. This plays out well for the Leafs and Habs;  just look at how Nazem Kadri lines up against, well, anybody under 23 in Montreal. In that sense, the repetition yeilds entertainment rewards.

Neither team is thinking about that on the ice, though. They're focusing on two points, and today was Game 1 of those dozen  matchups. The Marlies made the best of it,, and walked out with a 2-1 win. 

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