MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Leafs Trade Ross, Pick for Marincin

Jeff Veillette
June 27 2015 10:27AM

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Photo Credit: Perry Nelson/USA TODAY Sports

Amidst all the hype and speculation about who the Toronto Maple Leafs would trade away or draft, the team has thrown the masses a curveball, by actually acquiring some present talent. In a late morning shocker, the blue and white have sent Brad Ross and a 4th round pick to the Edmonton Oilers for Martin Marincin.

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Smoke, Mirrors, and Phil Kessel

Jeff Veillette
June 26 2015 10:00AM

The 2015 NHL Entry Draft was once something that fans searched for using a telescope, desparate for a date on the calendar to be excited about. Today, it's right under their nose; the day has come and we're hours away from the Edmonton Oilers making the first pick (gee, I wonder who it will be). 

For the Leafs, this day isn't just about who they will select in the 4th and 24th positions. The team is also looking to make some moves to shake up the core. The biggest name out there? Star winger Phil Kessel, who is apparently on the market, and has earned the interest of several teams. Many have speculated how this plays out, but here's my theory - it doesn't.

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Movers and Shakers: Soderberg trade sets tone for rest of the day

Jeff Veillette
June 26 2015 08:20AM


Photo Credit: Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Avalanche have taken advantage of one team's cap struggles, and in effect, have created their own. In acquiring forward Carl Soderberg from the Boston Bruins for peanuts, the organization has effectively locked itself out of keeping one of its best fowards.

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Top-10 UFA Countdown: #3 - Cody Franson

Jeff Veillette
June 25 2015 06:00AM

Photo Credit: Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

This is a series counting down the top-10 pending UFAs. It will be posted across the Nation Network over the next month! Enjoy! 

When the Nashville Predators acquired Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli in February, everybody thought it was a match made in heaven. After all, the team was getting two quality players that they were familiar with, without giving up any present assets. Theoretically, it was the type of move that should've taken a good team to greatness, but instead, it was a bust.

David Poile was quick to admit that the team was forcing a square peg into a round hole. After all, the Predators are very adament about following shot handedness with their defencemen, and they already had three quality righties. As such, Franson didn't recieve the necessary playing time, didn't fit in, and will now hit free agency. But what will he command?

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Tuesday Mailbag: I'm Still Alive

Jeff Veillette
June 23 2015 07:53AM


You may have noticed that I've been posting a lot less over the past little bit. It'll probably be like that for another month or so; I've been working non-stop, and head out on the Five Hole For Food tour in a week. (We'll talk more about that in a couple of days!). You'll still see a bit of content from me, but for now, I think the other, more intelligent writers on the staff (everybody other than Bobby) have it under control.

With that said, the mailbag is still a thing! Catherine took it over for the past two weeks, but I'm back behind the wheel today to answer some of your questions.

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