Win Tickets to the World Premiere of Ice Guardians

Jeff Veillette
September 08 2016 10:07AM


As you know, Toronto is the centre of the universe, especially when hockey is involved. Like, that time when we created a World Cup of Hockey, straight up invented a couple countries to play in it, and put all the games in the Air Canada Centre!

Haha, we're the best. Anyway, that tradition carries, as the Ice Guardians documentary makes it's World Premiere this week in Toronto! Technically, that's probably because of TIFF more than anything, but hey, nobody asks how you get the win, just that you get the two points.

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: The Pyramids

Jeff Veillette
September 07 2016 06:36PM


The Pyramid method. Steve suggested it. I expressed concerns. Shawn 'well actually'-ed us both. Alas, the method of prospect ranking designed to minimize arguments has created a bunch of its own. But we're not here to keep arguing; we're here to use it!

I present you with the readers' final votes and the writers' final votes, both put into a pyramid system.

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: The Reader Vote

Jeff Veillette
September 07 2016 02:28PM


When we kicked off our Top 20 Prospects summer series last month, one of the new features we introduced for this year was the ability for readers to have their say in the process. Throughout the list of profiles, there wasn't much talk about those reader responses; but here we are, ready to break down the results of what 376 of you had to contribute. Let's take a gander at the results:

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WWYDW: National Pride

Jeff Veillette
September 07 2016 08:44AM


The World Cup of Hockey is upon us! Exhibition games start tomorrow, though people who are mad online about more hockey to watch will surely try to convince you that the entire tournament is a meaningless exhibition. Whatever it may be, and wherever the financial windfall may go, it's still nice to see some of the world's best take each other on for the sake of our entertainment and a little bit of national pride.

There's even a bunch of Leafs representation, with six of the eight teams including roster players, and Mike Babcock making his usual cameo behind the bench of Team Canada. Team Europe is there too, but Frederik Andersen's injury sustained during Olympic qualifying will keep him out. 

So, with all of that and more in mind... who are you cheering for?

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Is William Nylander a Hypebeast?

Jeff Veillette
September 06 2016 10:55AM


William Nylander is going to be a special hockey player. He's crushed just about every level of hockey at the youth level, managed a 90 point pace with the Marlies even when a World Junior concussion and appendicitis slowed him down. He scored at a 50 point pace in his stint with the Leafs. He just turned 20, already looks like a soon-to-be star game breaker, and still might not be as good as two younger guys in the system. It's a great time to be alive.

Not to mention, as Meg pointed out this week, he has hall-of-fame hair. But while we're in summer mode and focusing on his dashing appearance, let's get something out of the way; William Nylander might just be a hypebeast.

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