Leafs Postgame: 3-on-3, more like 3-for-3

Jeff Veillette
September 22 2015 08:32PM

Whether or not you like the steps the Leafs have made over the course of this rebuild, I think there is one thing that we can all agree on; the Habs are the worst. Any time that you get the opportunity to beat the Montreal Canadiens, you go for it - pre-season, regular season, home ice, away ice, Xbox, Sega Genesis. Doesn't matter. You do it. Tonight was the Leafs' first attempt to do so on the year, and while it took an extra minute or so, they pulled it off, winning 2-1 in three on three overtime.

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Monday Mailbag: Squad Goals

Jeff Veillette
September 21 2015 03:00PM


HOCKEY IS BACK! Well, pre-season hockey, that is. The Leafs are taking on the Ottawa Senators in Toronto tonight, and they're also taking on the Ottawa Senators in Ottawa. Well, Kanata. Nobody ever plays hockey in Ottawa. But still, you have to appreciate being able to watch two Leafs games at the same time, as long as you have the capacity to do so. If not, you'll still be able to read our spiffy post-games here at The Leafs Nation. Before the pucks drop, however, lets tackle some questions.

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TLN Player Profiles: C Peter Holland

Jeff Veillette
September 21 2015 11:30AM

Peter Holland came to this team as a result of great incompetence. In an attempt to get as gritty and great as possible, the Leafs made a bunch of crazy signings and trades that put them right against the cap, to the point where they had to trade bargain contract Joe Colborne for pennies on the dollar.

Of course, it didn't work out too well. Dave Bolland's ankle tendon exploded, Tyler Bozak injured himself, and Nazem Kadri was suspended for attempting to murder Niklas Backstrom. The Leafs were suddenly left with Jay McClement as their first line centre. When you're 12-7-1 to start the year.. this is not a situation that you want.

So the Leafs went out and made a reactionary move, and traded Jesse Blacker and a couple of picks for Holland. While he hasn't been an elite player, he's certainly represented the team well and hopes to continue to do so this season.

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Leafs add Troy Bodie, Don Luce as pro scouts

Jeff Veillette
September 20 2015 12:51PM

As training camps get underway across the National Hockey League, you begin to see some familiar faces wearing different uniforms. Sometimes, it's a different logo, but in other cases, it's a jacket rather than a jersey. We've seen a mix of both today, as it's come out that Troy Bodie and Don Luce have joined the Leafs front office as professional scouts.

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Leafs to remove broadcasters from team charters, make players shave

Jeff Veillette
September 17 2015 03:41PM

It looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs have decided that their flights are reserved for themselves, and not the people who are there to talk about them. In an obviously Lamoriello-driven move, team broadcasters will have different flight arrangements beginning this season. As well, the players look.. different.

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