Marlies Win Season Opener

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 05 2013 05:25PM


On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, the Toronto Maple Leafs prepared for their home opener at the Air Canada Centre. But a cab ride away, a similarly sized group of players who hope to take their place dropped the puck on their 2013/14 season. The Toronto Marlies opened things up against the defending Calder Cup Champions, the Grand Rapid Griffins. This was the very same team that eliminated them last year.

But what's the definition of them? There's a new coach in Steve Spott. There's a new team captain in Trevor Smith. In fact, only four skaters, both goalies, and the assistant coaches were involved in both elimination night and today's game. The Griffins were quite similar; a fresh start for both, if you will. So today's game was relatively normal in comparison to the storyline.

The end result? The opposite of last year's conclusion, a come from behind victory for the home team, as the Marlies won 4-3 in overtime. 

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Trevor Smith Named Marlies Captain

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 04 2013 11:13AM

Since arriving in the city in 2005-06, the Toronto Marlies have been fortunate to have stability in their captaincy, at least compared to most minor league teams. Marc Moro was the first and served for three years, before quitting professional hockey. Ben Ondrus did the same before heading to the Edmonton Oilers organization. Alex Foster followed, with a pair of seasons in Europe, and Ryan Hamilton followed in Ondrus' footsteps in the sense that he wore the C for three before heading to Oil Country.

With Hamilton's departure, the spot was up for grabs this year. With the season underway tomorrow afternoon, the team publically made their decision, naming Trevor Smith as the 5th captain in team history. 

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John-Michael Liles Taking Demotion In Stride

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 03 2013 01:23PM

John Michael Liles finds himself starting the year on the Toronto Marlies. Though nobody will come out and say it, its seems more than likely that he is a casualty of the salary cap, and that the assignment isn't indicative of his on-ice ability. Most players would take the knock down to the American Hockey League as devastating, but, with a combination of situational awareness and a positive attitude, Liles is taking things in stride. 

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Kessel Negotiations Won Before Even Finished

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 30 2013 09:43PM

So, as you're probably well aware of (if you arent..), Phil Kessel is closing in on an extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs before tomorrow's opening night puck drop. The speculation is that he'll take in and around $8 million per year over 8 years, locking him up until he's 34 years old. People are debating whether this is the right choice.

What? This is crazy. If he's asking for $8.5 million right now, the Leafs would win these negotiations without even negotiating. Anything now is gravy. 

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Mistakes and New Beginnings

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 29 2013 04:39PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs made the decision to cut ties with centre Joe Colborne last night, sending him to the Calgary Flames for a fourth round draft pick in the 2014 entry draft. I'm sure you've all heard that by now; we had a post about it right after it happened courtesy of Justin Fisher. I wasn't home to give a significant opinion about it, which may have been for the best, really; my initial response could be politely summarized as "are you kidding me?".

Fast forward to today, and my conclusion it was an unfortnately sensible move that was forced by mistakes, that will benefit Colborne most of all. 

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