Jonathan Bernier yet to be scored on through three games with Marlies

Jeff Veillette
December 12 2015 02:13AM


If Jonathan Bernier came down to get himself feeling confident about stopping pucks, he's certainly well on his way to tearing up the NHL when he heads back. So far in his ten-day conditioning stint with the Toronto Marlies, Bernier has played in three games and faced seventy shots. Twenty-seven of those shots came on Friday night.

Like in the two games prior, he didn't allow a single one, leading the way in a 2-0 Marlies victory.

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TLN partners with /r/Leafs to launch AMA series

Jeff Veillette
December 11 2015 12:48PM


We at The Leafs Nation dot com are focused on one thing, and one thing only; complete and total world domination. We may look like a Toronto Maple Leafs blog, but the second we have the ability to be global dictators, we're going to pounce on the opportunity.

To start that process, we've been trying to become trendy and likable on social media. The next frontier? Reddit.

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Here we go again: Stamkos liking tweets about himself and the Leafs

Jeff Veillette
December 09 2015 10:32AM


Just when you thought StamkosWatch 2K16 couldn't get any sillier, things are right back to where they started over a year ago. A quick look at Stamkos' Twitter profile shows that, once again, the only item in his likes is a post speculating whether or not he'll head to Toronto or not.

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Why Dave Poulin is wrong about Nazem Kadri

Jeff Veillette
December 09 2015 05:47AM

When Dave Poulin was fired from his role as Leafs assistant General Manager in July of 2014, many thought that it would be the last time we'd hear him say silly things about the team. After all, this was a man who considered pointed to the standings as his retort to any questioning of the team in his final year (until, they, of course, fell off a cliff and took his employment status with him).

Enter Dave Poulin, Broadcast Television Analyst. 

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How Garret Sparks improved his game with a change in play style

Jeff Veillette
December 08 2015 02:49PM

Photo Credit: Bruce Fedyck/USA TODAY Sports

The following is a post that goaltender Garret Sparks wrote for my oft-ignored side project, The Faceoff Circle, and his Facebook Goalie Group, GGSU in February 2015. With Sparks now being the talk of the town as the Leafs' temporary starting goaltender, we both thought that this would be a good time to re-release this to a different audience. Enjoy!

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