Mailbag: The Encore

Jeff Veillette
May 12 2015 03:58PM


I asked people for questions that weren't the usual ones. Yesterday, I got a lot of them. So many that we had a second mailbag today! This works out very well, actually; we're going to be turning the Mailbag into a Tuesday thing from this point forward, so consider this a passing of the torch.

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Mailbag: Finnished with all the Matt Questions

Jeff Veillette
May 11 2015 12:40PM


I'm eating a chocolate chip granola bar right now. It is very tasty. I'm also having a bottle of water. It is very watery. Neither of these statements are relevant to anything, but I couldn't think up a better intro. With that said, here are a few of your questions (we had a lot of them this week).

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The Stanley Cup can only be won on the backs of Canadians. #mycolumn:

Jeff Veillette
May 07 2015 01:51PM


Bobby Cappuccino thinks he can just come in and steal my mailbag, does he?! I know he's trying to sell himself as the "bad boy" of TLN, but stealing what is the heart of what keeps my content veins full of blood is a low blow. So you know what? Let's fight fire with fire. Bobby, this isn't your column anymore. It is #mycolumn. It is mine, and it's better than anything your uncreative brain could ever conjure up.

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Nylander, Brown an example of Leafs' new-found patience

Jeff Veillette
May 05 2015 09:05AM


Now that the Maple Leafs, Marlies, and Solar Bears are all out of hockey games to play, the focus of everybody has started to shift into the off-season, if not directly into next year. Many are already curious to see where exactly William Nylander and Connor Brown could slot into a potential Leafs lineup come October. According to Kyle Dubas, however, there's no rush to make such a thing happen just yet.

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Toronto Marlies Eliminated From Calder Cup Playoffs

Jeff Veillette
May 03 2015 05:41PM


Many thought this series was over after what we saw last weekend. The Toronto Marlies, a team that has spent months playing with their backs against the wall, rallied from adversity not once, but twice, to take a 2-0 lead in their best of five opening round series against the Grand Rapids Griffins. The past few days haven't been helpful to their cause, though; the Griffins rebounded and tied the series with two wins of tonight. Tonight's game offered two paths; another 4+ games of hockey, or a dead end.

Unfortunately, the Griffins proved to be too much for them, winning Game 5 by a score of 3-1.

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