MacIntyre To Get First Start, Granberg To Debut

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 10 2014 10:20AM


With the Leafs out of the playoffs, it's time to find some silver linings in the last couple of games. For me, I always liked it when the team would give opportunities to their up-and-comers, giving the fans a taste of what is to come, and the staff an opportunity to see if they're ready to make the leap.

Tonight, the Leafs will be doing just that, giving Drew MacIntyre his first ever start and Petter Granberg his first taste of the NHL.

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On The Leafs And Brendan Shanahan

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 09 2014 05:27PM


It looks like Tim Leiweke wasn't kidding when he repeatedly stressed his preparation to take action in making the Toronto Maple Leafs a winner as fast as possible. Originally reported by Nik Kypreos and now confirmed by everybody else on the face of the planet, the Leafs have approached Brendan Shanahan for a high-rankings upper management role.

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Wayback Wednesday: Raycroft's Damage

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 09 2014 12:22PM


As the Leafs see another season wind down without being in the playoff picture, there's a finger that nobody sane could point at; goaltending. Jonathan Bernier and James Reimer have won this team games they've had no business winning, which is probably the reason it took until Game 80 for the last wheel to fall off. But enough about that. Let's talk about a previous Leafs starting goaltender who retired today, Andrew Raycroft.

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They Aren't "In It For The Money"

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 08 2014 10:56PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs ended their rapid bleed-out on Tuesday night, becoming mathematically eliminated from a potential spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As you would expect, the fanbase is looking for their excuses. Many have recognized flaws in this team for a while now, and whether you think they're taking the right or wrong approach, have at least given it some thought. Tonight, however, you get the fans who are reaching for the shelves to get the leftover excuses that took them twelve seconds to think up. 

One in particular is trending high on the internet; the players don't care; they're too rich.

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Stick A Fork In Them, They're Done

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 08 2014 08:37PM


Once the final puck crossed the line in Columbus, this became a do or die game for the Toronto Maple Leafs. They had no choice. They had to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. Despite cracks at two different goaltenders, they couldn't get anything into the back of the net, lost 2-0, and are now mathematically eliminated from being able to make the playoffs.

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