We probably shouldn't even be talking about tanking

Jeff Veillette
August 14 2016 11:34AM

The Leafs have been bad for this long, so what's another year, right? There's a lot of chatter out there about the value of bottoming out for just one more season, to add another blue-chip prospect to the organization before heading into the gunfight that is the NHL.

It's a noble thought from people who have taken the whole 'patience' thing to heart, but at this point, I'm not sure how necessary being at the top of the order is to the organization.

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TLN Roundtable: Guessing The Next Notification

Jeff Veillette
August 12 2016 04:02PM


I keep my Twitter notifications very, very off. Otherwise, my phone would have a nine-second battery life. If it's not a direct message or a specifically pointed out account, I won't see it. There aren't too many accounts on that list, but if there's one that gets me to perk up at a moments notice, it's @LeafsPR. The official account for team news, most of the stories in the Lamoriello era have been broken through a controlled press release from this account rather than the fancy insiders.

So, in a time of silence, I wondered what could be the next thing we see on there. Here's what we're all guessing:

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The 5 Best Leafs Goalie Masks of All Time

Jeff Veillette
August 11 2016 04:23PM

Photo Credit: Sylvie Poitras / AirbrushZap

Antoine Bibeau has a sweet new goalie mask. It's like a silver version of Felix Potvin's famous design, which continues the parallels between the two French-Canadian netminders (minus Potvin being an objectively better goaltender, even if comparing them at the same age). It got me thinking, though; what are some of the greatest Leafs masks of all time? Here's what I came up with.

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: #17 Yegor Korshkov

Jeff Veillette
August 11 2016 08:49AM


"Wait, seriously?" was the cry of a lot of Leafs fans when management leaned into the microphone and selected Yegor Korshkov with the first pick of the 2016 Draft's second day back in June. It wasn't so much that people thought that he couldn't play, but rather that there were others who had scored more and filled more highlight reels over the few months leading to the draft. Not to mention, Korshkov was an overager in his second draft year, leaving many feeling like the Leafs may have jumped the gun.

I felt the same way at the time, and there are probably a few players who were on the board that I would've rather gone after. But once you take a bigger look at Korshkov's skill set and development path, the move makes a bit more sense.

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On handedness and the Maple Leafs' defence corps

Jeff Veillette
August 10 2016 01:13PM

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke/TSGPhoto.com

There's been a lot of talk about Matt Hunwick on the Leafs side of the internet in the past few days. Part of it comes from an interesting piece on Pension Plan Puppets from Arvind on Morgan Rielly's defensive partners, that largely came to the conclusion that his pairing with Hunwick was a bit of a tire fire. The next day, a post on /r/Leafs questioned the predictive qualities of Dominic Galamini's HERO chart visuals, citing the last two years that show up for Hunwick as proof that there's a lack of consistency.

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