REPORT: Leafs kicking tires on James Wisniewski

Jeff Veillette
July 01 2016 09:00AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been exploring a few options as far as upgrading their defence, and it seems another one has been added to the mix. According to Sportsnet's Chris Johnston, the blue and white have enquired regarding ex-Carolina Hurricanes defenceman James Wisniewski.

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Why the Leafs should be all over James Wisniewski

Jeff Veillette
June 30 2016 03:57PM

Sometimes, another team's loss can be your own gain. Today, the Carolina Hurricanes bought out James Wisniewski after an illustrious single-shift career, to ensure that their emerging young defensive corps can keep building together. This leaves the Leafs with perhaps the only non-Stamkos veteran worth seriously exploring this offseason.

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Breaking down Toronto's development camp roster

Jeff Veillette
June 30 2016 03:08PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced their roster for this summer's development camp, expected to take place between July 4th and 9th at the Mastercard Centre in Toronto and Gale Centre Arena in Niagara Falls. It's a gigantic, 41 player roster, so let's break this down bit by bit.

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Jonathan Bernier becomes a lot more tradeable tomorrow

Jeff Veillette
June 30 2016 09:01AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a gift and a curse right now, and that's the abundance of questionable, short term contracts remaining on their roster. Many of their veterans are getting paid more than their performance indicates they're worth, but those deals are also expiring in short order. 

Jonathan Bernier is one of those players. The 27-year-old struggled for much of last year and appears to have been usurped by the dependable, slightly younger Frederik Andersen, and is now Toronto's $4.15 million backup goaltender for next year.

It's a sticky situation. But, if the Leafs wanted to rid themselves of it, they're in good position to do so starting tomorrow. 

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Missing out on Stamkos closes a shortcut, but isn't a roadblock

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2016 05:41PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

Before we get into this topic, let's make a few things clear. Firstly, Steven Stamkos isn't a traitor for choosing to stay with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was under no obligation to sign in Toronto; ultimately, the choice was his, and he went with what he thought was best for him. Secondarily, this isn't the time to go "oh, well, the Leafs were better off without him anyway". Because that probably isn't true either.

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