Mitch Marner is Scoring Like a Maniac, and other Leafs Prospect News

Justin Fisher
November 30 2015 06:00AM

We've written a lot of words about William Nylander lately and just how good he's looked for the Toronto Marlies. So good, in fact, that a lot of folks want the Maple Leafs to bring him up to the big club and see if he continue his scoring ways in the NHL. Nylander is one of the best prospects in all of hockey, and his progress is making a lot of Leafs fans feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So, hey, let's not forget about Mitch Marner in the OHL, ok?

The Leafs' top pick of the 2015 NHL Draft had himself a hell of a weekend with three multipoint games in three days. On Friday, Marner assisted on three goals in London's 6-1 win over Owen Sound. On Saturday, it was a goal and assist in another win over the Attack, this time 4-1. Yesterday, Marner added another goal and two more assists in another 5-3 win over Windsor. That's eight points in three games, 27 points in 10 games this month, and a whopping 47 points in 22 games so far this season.

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Report: Gramma Dubas Wants Young Kyle To Have A Nice Birthday

Justin Fisher
November 29 2015 02:23PM


Today is Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant GM Kyle Dubas's birthday. We here at TLN wish him a good one, but our wishes ain't nothing compared to sweet Gramma Dubas's.

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This Week in #Content: November 28, 2015

Justin Fisher
November 29 2015 10:49AM


I get it, friend. There were so many excellent prices on this year's hottest items that you spent all your time this week Black Friday shopping and not reading your favourite hockey blog. I got you. Here's all the amazing stuff that you missed. Click everything twice, just to be sure.

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Leafs Postgame: How About That Goaltending

Justin Fisher
November 28 2015 08:27PM


Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

When it was announced that James Reimer would be sitting out tonight's date with the Washington Capitals due to injury, Leafs head coach Mike Babcock stressed how big of an opportunity this was for beleaguered backup Jonathan Bernier to play his way back into contention for more starts.

I'm sure this isn't what Bernier (or Babcock) had in mind.

Four different Capitals would beat Bernier in fashions ranging from ugly to hilarious, and at the other end of the ice Braden Holtby would stand tall enough to secure the 4-2 win. Peter Holland and Leo Komarov picked up the markers for the Leafs.

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We're Asking The Wrong Questions About William Nylander

Justin Fisher
November 24 2015 04:21PM


John E. Sokolowski - USA TODAY Sports

As you've probably already heard, Toronto Maple Leafs top prospect William Nylander is dominating the AHL. The 19-year old has a league-leading 23 points in 17 games, putting him on pace to become the AHL's first 100-point teenager

So, is William Nylander good enough to play in the NHL?

In a word, yes. These kinds of numbers are quite literally unheard of, and Nylander's skating and offensive skills are the kinds that can translate to the NHL easily. While he probably wouldn't establish himself immediately as an elite, big league player, he's good enough right now to play at least a minor role in an NHL offense.

That said, the question "Is Nylander good enough?" is fundamentally flawed. It's a narrow-minded way of approaching the extremely large and complex issue that is reworking and rebuilding the Leafs organization. This isn't all about Nylander, and if you start asking different questions you might find that the AHL is the best place for him to be right now.

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