Leafs Postgame: Toronto... Wins?

Justin Fisher
February 13 2016 08:16PM

Tonight was 'Retro Night' in Vancouver. The Canucks celebrated by wearing their absolutely gorgeous black 'flying skate' jerseys from the early 90's while the Leafs celebrated by playing like a Toronto hockey team from the early 90's. That is to say, the Leafs didn't look totally embarrassing tonight, despite dressing what appears to be an AHL team. Toronto takes it, 5-2. 

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Let's Talk About Trading Joffrey Lupul

Justin Fisher
February 13 2016 08:49AM

There's no tip-toeing around it - Joffrey Lupul's contract is ugly as sin. With a cap hit of $5.25M for two more seasons, it's the last of the large, unwanted contracts that the Toronto Maple Leafs have to deal with. Lupul is still scoring - 11 in 46 games so far this season - so he's by definition still a 20-goal guy. At 32-years old, though, Lupul's mobility is beginning to fail him, and he's looking less and less like a consistent contributor. As such, his contract is practically immovable.

Note that I said practically, as dealing Dion Phaneuf to the Ottawa Senators may have changed things. One of the most shocking factors of the Phaneuf trade was that Toronto retained zero of his salary, giving the Leafs a significant amount of flexibility going forward. And we already know that no contract is immovable to the Leafs if they are able to leverage their financial might. See: David Clarkson. All Toronto has to do is eat some of that Joffrey Lupul salary.

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The TLN Weekly Report Card: Feb. 12, 2016

Justin Fisher
February 12 2016 07:18AM


It's the time again. The Leafs lost three straight games since we last graded their performances, so sharpen your pencils because this one's going to be fun. Get clicking, people.

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Leafs Postgame: Worst Team In League Beats Other Worst Team In League

Justin Fisher
February 11 2016 10:39PM

mcdavidPerry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

It's an ongoing joke that Toronto-born hockey players always step up when they face off against their hometown team, except no Leafs fans were laughing when local kid Connor McDavid lit them up for five points tonight in a 5-2 Edmonton win. That is unless you already joined the Tank Nation ranks and were actively rooting for Toronto to finally take sole ownership over 30th place in the league. If that's the case, then a big ol' salute to you, soldier. Mission accomplished.

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Where Does Tobias Lindberg fit in Toronto's Prospect Pool?

Justin Fisher
February 09 2016 06:30PM

When news broke earlier today that Dion Phaneuf had been traded to the Ottawa Senators in a surprise nine-player deal, there weren't a lot of people concerned about Tobias Lindberg. It's understandable... Did Toronto retain salary? No? Ok, well who's coming to the Leafs? Michalek? Ok, and Cowen? Alright. Cool.

Lindberg's name, of course, was there. It was listed right beside that 2017 second round pick. But Lindberg wasn't one of the typical "main pieces" coming back, not worthy of a ton of initial discussion in the same way that nobody in Ottawa is getting all gung-ho about Casey Bailey or Matt Frattin or Cody Donaghey or Ryan Rupert.

The truth of the matter is that Lindberg, along with the draft pick, is the real return for Phaneuf. The rest is just money in, money out. So let's talk about the newest Leafs prospect and where he fits in.

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