Justin Fisher
January 26 2016 10:01PM


In honour of the Toronto Maple Leafs finding their way to the bottom of the NHL standings, we are very proud to announce a rebranding of The Leafs Nation and officially endorsing the tank. You can now visit us at No, seriously. It works.

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LGD: The Montreal Canadiens are bad and that's very funny

Justin Fisher
January 23 2016 01:48PM

In past years, I've wrote that the Toronto Maple Leafs/Ottawa Senators 'Battle of Ontario' rivalry had seen better days. Both teams were (are?) bad, and the days of Toronto beating the crap out of Ottawa in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs were long gone.

I guess you could say the same for the Toronto/Montreal rivalry now, too. It's toothless. The funny part about that is that the Leafs were supposed to be bad this season while the Canadiens had actual championship aspirations and they're coming up very short. That's absolutely hilarious. No matter what happens tonight, whether the Leafs win or lose or lose really badly, let's just keep in mind that the Montreal Canadiens are a massive disappointment and they're nothing without Carey Price.

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Friday Roundtable: Yes, We Expected This

Justin Fisher
January 22 2016 04:00PM

Mike Babcock was absolutely right to ask us what we were expected when the Maple Leafs dropped a 1-0 OT decision to the Carolina Hurricanes just last night. This is a weak team, and we were promised as much. But, even with this anemic lineup, could anything be done to promote more scoring? We turn to our ever handsome and intelligent Roundtable...

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Leafs adding Keon, Horton and Broda to Legends Row

Justin Fisher
January 21 2016 12:36PM

To celebrate their centennial season, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be adding three new faces to Air Canada Centre's Legends Row.

Dave Keon, Tim Horton and Turk Broda statues will be unveiled next year, further cementing (no, bronzing?) their place as titans of Toronto hockey. They'll join Mats Sundin, Teeder Kennedy, George Armstrong, Syl Apps, Borje Salming and Johnny Bower on the Row.

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LGD: Rock Bottom?

Justin Fisher
January 19 2016 01:00PM

Turn things around? Turn things around!?

After reading Ryan's article on Auston Matthews, I don't think I want the Toronto Maple Leafs to try and turn things around tonight. The Leafs have lost five games in a row, and will go for six this evening in Philadelphia against a Flyers team streaking in the other direction. In fact, if the league-worst Columbus Blue Jackets somehow pull out a win against the league-best Washington Capitals tonight, the Leafs will fall to 30th. What a time to be alive!

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