Edmonton Oilers Win the Draft Lottery, Leafs Will Pick 4th

Justin Fisher
April 18 2015 06:19PM

Nine-point-five percent just couldn't cut it.

The Edmonton Oilers have won the NHL Draft Lottery (ugh) and the opportunity to draft the crazy-talented Connor McDavid (this is ridiculous).

Toronto, on the other hand, will retain the fourth overall pick.

Don't sweat it too much, though - the Leafs will still be landing a top prospect in June.

Assuming that Jack Eichel (the consensus second-best prospect) won't fall on draft day, there's three players whose names have been closely tied to Toronto.

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Brendan Shanahan had a Fantastic First Year

Justin Fisher
April 15 2015 07:53PM

It's been just a year and a handful of days since Brendan Shanahan was introduced to a throng of media as the newest Toronto Maple Leafs President and Alternate Governor. He faced the same throng again on Monday afternoon, explaining why he fired practically half of his staff a day before.

One would think that, due to the Leafs being terrible and the need to fire several senior hockey executives, Shanahan probably had a pretty bad season himself. 

Not true. It was beautiful.

For once in Toronto's sad existence, someone had the foresight to say "this is crap" and "this crap is not working" and most importantly "this crap will not work ever." 

It was a refreshing change of pace for Leafs fans, and lead to three events executed by Shanahan over this past season that unapologetically pushed this organization in the right direction.

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WWYDW - Which Playoff Team Will You Be Following?

Justin Fisher
April 14 2015 09:46PM

The Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight and I don't think I've ever seen a bracket more engaging or unpredictable. The first round matchups couldn't have turned out any better, providing us with enough narratives to give a mittenstringer a seizure.

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Here Comes The Nation Draft Playoff Pool!

Justin Fisher
April 14 2015 11:31AM


Weeks ago, Toronto Maple Leafs fans gave up on the idea that they'd get to enjoy any type of playoff success this season. Well, Leafs fans are silly people, they should've given up on that in October! 

In all seriousness even sad sack Toronto sports fans can get in on the playoff fun this year with the Nations Draft Playoff Pool. It's way better than the actual real playoffs, and you can enter here at www.nationdrafts.com.

Read on for more details!

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Leafs Completely Justified in Firing Pretty Much Everyone

Justin Fisher
April 12 2015 01:02PM

It's not often that you see a team fire essentially half of its front office and coaching staff in one fell swoop, but then again, it's not often you see a professional hockey team as bad as the Leafs.

As has been expected for a while now, the hammer came down this morning. The Toronto Maple Leafs have fired general manager Dave Nonis, coaches Peter Horachek, Steve Spott and Chris Dennis, and goaltending coach Rick St. Croix. 

And also Director of Pro Scouting Steve Kasper and Director of Player Development Jim Hughes.

Steve Staios was one of the few non-Brendan Shanahan hires to survive the personnel changes, while Mark Hunter and Kyle Dubas will handle all interim GM duties. 

For most, this is a positive change. For some, the wrong people were blamed.

Ok, deep breaths, people. Let's break this down. More after the jump...

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