TLN's Official 2015 Mock Draft

Justin Fisher
June 19 2015 12:13PM

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to TLN's 2015 Mock Draft - surely the best mock draft on the internet. Last week, five of our writers came up with our consensus Top 30 Draft Prospects in this month's NHL Draft. This week, those same five wannabe GMs took over the draft tables of the entire league, and called the shots as they saw fit. 

The rules were simple: Ryan won our draft lottery, so he would pick first. Jon would follow, then Bobby, myself and Shawn. After five picks we'd run through the order again, each of us taking control of the team that happened to be picking at the time. We then had to give a brief explanation as to why we drafted who we drafted, and we suspect that Jon did a lot of copy/pasting.

You're going to love our mock draft below. You're also probably going to hate it at times as well. Either way, let us know how right and/or wrong we are in the comments below.

And without further delay, the Edmonton Oilers are on the clock...

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Top 5 Trade Destinations for Dion Phaneuf

Justin Fisher
June 17 2015 03:58PM

A couple weeks back we looked at the the Top 5 Trade Destinations for Toronto's top player, Phil Kessel. Today, we do the same for team captain Dion Phaneuf, who will almost certainly be shopped around the league as the Leafs look to strip down their roster, clear cap space, and rebuild through the draft.

In recent years, Dion seems to have lost a step, and our own Ryan Fancey discussed how quickly and dramatically Phaneuf could regress by the time his current contract is up. With a cap hit of $7M over the next six seasons, the Leafs would be better off moving on quickly. Phaneuf doesn't exactly help the rebuild, and you may as well try to get as much value out of him now as possible.

Click past the jump for the Top 5 Trade Destinations for Dion Phaneuf...

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This Week In #Content: June 14th, 2015

Justin Fisher
June 14 2015 12:53PM


Phil Kessel is probably going to be traded, Sheldon Keefe is your new Marlies coach, and the Leafs are getting ready for the draft. A lot went down last week, so if you missed any of this good stuff, get your clicky finger ready 'cause these links are coming in hot.

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Report: No New GM for Leafs by the Draft, Wings Open to Trading Top Pick, Mantha

Justin Fisher
June 13 2015 08:39PM

Here's a cold hard fact for you - Elliotte Friedman and Damien Cox kill it on a weekly basis with their second intermission Saturday Headlines segment. This week, they didn't disappoint, sharing several interesting reports that directly impact your beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

Most notably, Cox reports that Toronto will not be bringing in a new GM in the next couple weeks...

There's going to be one team in two weeks at the NHL Draft without a general manager, and that's going to be the Toronto Maple Leafs. They will not hire a GM before the draft. Brendan Shanahan decided he's happy to do the draft, and any deals they might make - including ones for Dion Phaneuf, Phil Kessel, whoever - as long as he gets input from Mark Hunter, Kyle Dubas and the rest of their existing staff.

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TLN Roundtable: The Best and Worst of Our Consensus Draft Rankings

Justin Fisher
June 12 2015 06:12PM

Earlier today, we posted our TLN 2015 Top 30 Draft Rankings. It's an excellent list, probably the best one on the internet, but it still caused a lot of grief and tension between TLN staff members. Since this morning, I've broken down and eaten five chocolate cakes, we've smashed no less than five windows and a lamp, and Shawn has a pen securely lodged in his leg. Let's call it... a hostile work environment.

For today's roundtable, each of us will look back on our consensus list, and share what we liked about it, how our personal rankings made it great, and how everyone else screwed it up.

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