Maple Leafs Trade Deadline 2016: Justin's Three Dream Trades

Justin Fisher
February 25 2016 06:00AM


Hi, TLNers. I'm on vacation in Barbados this week. As such, I am drinking a lot of rum punch and thinking about hockey. Rum punch is a lot of rum in a lot of orange and mango and pineapple juice with a lot of mint leaves in it, all stirred up and served over ice. Here are three hockey trades I've come up with that I think are relatively reasonable that the Leafs should try and get done by next Monday's trade deadline. If you think I'm crazy, like... I just finished telling you about the rum punch. 

I am drunk.

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The TLN Weekly Report Card: Feb. 19, 2016

Justin Fisher
February 19 2016 06:46AM


Sharpen your pencils you beauties. It's report card time again at TLN, and we've got some massive judgement to pass down. Get clicking.

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Monday Mailbag: Justin's Back in the Driver's Seat

Justin Fisher
February 15 2016 02:29PM


It's Mailbag time, and we got a lot of stuff to tackle this week. The 2016 NHL Entry Draft, Steven Stamkos, unrestricted free agency, William Nylander, Mitch Marner... Let's just skip the formalities, yeah?

Pitter patter, let's get at 'er. 

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LGD: Leafs roll into the Windy City

Justin Fisher
February 15 2016 01:29PM

Today is Family Day in Ontario. It's a holiday that, as it's name suggests, is meant to be spent with family and loved ones. That's very sweet, but if your family is full of Leafs fans, maybe try and find something else to do other then watch the game tonight? The Leafs are in Chicago this evening to wrap up their five-game road trip, and I sincerely doubt the powerhouse Blackhawks are going to be taking it easy on them.

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Frank Corrado Threw Some Massive Shade at the Canucks Last Night

Justin Fisher
February 14 2016 10:11AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are a pretty bad hockey team. I mean, according to the standings, they're actually the worst hockey team in the NHL. That means we've got to savour those wins when they come; they're so few and far between.

And boy, did Frank Corrado savour last night's win against his former team, the Vancouver Canucks.

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