Should the Leafs claim Dylan Olsen?

Bobby Cappuccino
January 29 2015 10:56AM

The Florida Panthers placed 24 year old defenseman Dylan Olsen on waivers today. Olsen, a former Blackhawks first rounder, has played in 44 games this season, putting up 8 points.

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Phil Kessel Is No All Star. My Column:

Bobby Cappuccino
January 26 2015 03:29PM

The best shot Phil took all weekend.

You probably didn't know, but the All Star Weekend happened over the last few days. For Toronto's lone representative, it was more of a No Star Weekend.

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BREAKING: Leafs Fire GM (of Concessions)

Bobby Cappuccino
January 19 2015 10:52AM

In a continued effort by Brendan Shanahan and Dave Nonis to change the culture of the Toronto Maple Leafs, George Mason - known affectionately simply as GM by his family and close friends - was relieved of his concession-selling duties today.

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The Biggest Question Facing the Leafs

Bobby Cappuccino
January 17 2015 10:17AM

It’s over halfway through the season, and the Leafs have proven to be what most expected - amazingly average. Great offence at the cost of some disastrous defence. The coaching change has helped, but it hasn’t immediately paid off, as most rational fans could have anticipated. But it hasn’t helped enough - again, as most rational fans could have anticipated.

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no bozak in the all star game? i won't be watching. #mycolumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
January 12 2015 06:01PM


Folks, let me come right out and say it - I've never been a big fan of the All-Star Game. Elite athletes getting an additional weekend to show off the talents they were blessed with and don't have to work hard for is disgusting and disrespectful to fans. It's on the level of Hollywood Awards Shows. Let's keep feeding the egos of the big-headed selfish overpaid guys. Yeah, good idea. 

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