my column: december 15

Bobby Cappuccino
December 15 2014 08:02AM


Hey guys welcome to my column, the only column that is mine.

Lots to talk about right now so let’s do it. 

Nelson Mandela

I'm coming in hot on this one guys. Don’t even get me started on this story. I have never been so disappointed in an athlete - and of all the athletes, it had to be a Toronto Maple Leaf. I’m embarrassed.

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LGD: Series Finale

Bobby Cappuccino
December 13 2014 01:17PM

It feels like it's a little early in the season to be talking about finales, but tonight marks the fifth and final game that the Leafs and Wings play against each other this season. The NHL is good at scheduling. 

Through the four they have played so far, they are tied 2-2, with the Leafs winning the most recent meeting this past Wednesday. We all know how that game went, so let's just start talking about the one coming up tonight.

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my column: december 1

Bobby Cappuccino
December 01 2014 09:41AM

Hi and welcome to my column - the only column that is mine.

What a boring week in Leafland. Playing two games and leaving with a loss and a win is like buying a $2 scratch ticket and winning $2 just to spend it on another $2 scratch ticket and not winning anything. But don’t worry - there are still lots of narratives to create.

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Bobby Cappuccino
November 26 2014 09:19PM

That was a fun hockey game.

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my column: november 24

Bobby Cappuccino
November 24 2014 08:27AM

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Screenshot 2014-11-23 15.20.01

Hi welcome to my column, the only column that is mine. I’d like to first get something off my chest *finishes his set of 250 pound bench press, sticks his tongue out at roman polak*. Okay but for real there was a lot of good feedback after last week’s my column. I have incorporated it into this column. I was told to make it more readable so I have done that by using actual punctuation sometimes which is annoying. Your Welcome readers. Secondly, I was told to get a new pen name that was better and that name is now Hockey McCanada. 

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