Bobby’s Opening Night Lineup

Bobby Cappuccino
October 02 2015 02:49PM


Unlike my colleagues, I see an untapped potential with the talent the Leafs have assembled. I really do. It just requires someone forward-thinking enough to put the pieces together the right way. So that's what I did.

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Bobby Cappuccino
September 28 2015 07:00AM

When it looked like the Leafs were going to trade everyone on the roster this past summer, Polak was a name that came up a decent amount. It’s not surprising - Polak is going into the last year of his contract, at a cap hit of $2,750,000, even though his real salary is $3,100,000. 

But it’s also not surprising that the Leafs didn’t move him yet. This is a franchise that preaches professionalism in every facet of a player’s life, including the weight room. And that’s somewhere that Polak excels. He’s a freak. In his days in St. Louis, the team had to stop him from benching more than 315 pounds because he couldn’t actually improve his fitness test results. And it’s not just the bench press that is impressive. 

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Was Phil Kessel the problem all along? #MyColumn

Bobby Cappuccino
September 22 2015 11:46AM

You can say what you want about analytics, but the Leafs are 2-0 in the post-Kessel era. That's the only stat I need to say this: Phil Kessel was the problem all along.

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Bobby Cappuccino
September 20 2015 08:01AM

With the additions of Matt Hunwick and Martin Marincin, Toronto’s top 6 on the back end seemed to be set in stone for most people. They seemed to round out a d core that already included Phaneuf, Rielly, Gardiner, and Polak.

Only one problem: there’s no leadership in that lineup. Coincidentally, there’s no Stephane Robidas in that lineup. Hmm. Curious. 

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Bobby Cappuccino
September 18 2015 08:00AM

With all of the depth players the Leafs have either already signed, or plan to now that they have roster spots available, it's easy to forget about Nick Spaling.

"Where did he come from?" you're probably asking. To that I say "the Kessel trade". 

You likely respond with "didn't we just get Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, and some picks?" I say "yes, but also Nick Spaling." 

You say, "I only care about prospects?" I say "well here is a feature on him anyways". 

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