More like a Trade Dudline. #mycolumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
March 03 2015 09:06AM

In a day filled with nationally-aired inappropriate tweets and llamas, the real llame-as were the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Leafs PostGame: Tank Rolls On With Loss to Bolland, Panthers

Bobby Cappuccino
February 17 2015 08:53PM

With the trading of Cody Franson and Mike Santorelli this past weekend, it is obvious to all that the Leafs are in full tank mode. But tanking is not just about selling off assets. It's also about losing. 

That whole "losing" thing has plagued the Leafs when they've been in no shape to make the playoffs. Every time they've had the opportunity to bottom out, they've won games, missing out on the talent they really have needed in the process. 

With that all in mind, it really felt like the Leafiest thing could begin to happen tonight - sell off two useful players and start winning, playing spoiler to a team competing for that final playoff spot. 

(Un)fortunately, the team they were facing had David Bolland.....who got one point, but more importantly competed real good and I think that is what ultimately won Florida the game.

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If Leafs Want to Retool, They Just Need to Look West for Blueprint. #mycolumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
February 17 2015 09:00AM

The tear down of the Leafs and starting from scratch is being well-received by most fans. But coming with it is the talk of how it is going to take four, five, maybe more years to get it done. People point to the hard times in Chicago and Tampa Bay before they became competitive, or how Edmonton has been rebuilding forever and is still bad. 

But no one points to the best example of rebuilding - nay, retooling - of the modern era: The Calgary Flames.

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Scratching Clarkson Shows That Leafs Management Doesn’t Get it. #MyColumn:

Bobby Cappuccino
February 09 2015 06:57PM

David Clarkson can't believe it and neither can I.

It’s been a tough month in Leafland, with the Leafs losing 11 in a row and just being inept at everything. Horachek has been a bust of a coach, Kessel has disappeared as predicted, and Bernier has had his first real flutter in an otherwise flawless Leafs career. 

But none of that is as bad, misguided, and - most importantly - classless, as scratching David Clarkson. 

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LEAFS POSTGAME: Leafs Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

Bobby Cappuccino
February 07 2015 08:31PM

Despite losing a franchise-record 11 straight games prior to tonight, the Leafs hadn’t been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. And with even a slight chance of the playoffs, you know the Leafs players and coaches are proceeding with the hope of playoffs, but the realistic expectations of finishing 10th or 11th.

Playoff push or not, a win was necessary for the team tonight. Fortunately, the Oilers were in town.

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