TLN Monday Mailbobby: January 25th

Bobby Cappuccino
January 25 2016 07:30AM


It me, Bobby Cappucino taking over the mailbag from Jeffler because TLN overlord Justin Fisher is tired of Jeff's BS (bad stuff). 

As such, I asked for questions on Twitter for the first ever #Mailbobby and here are the questions I got. There are some good ones and some bad ones, but I answer them all with gusto and conviction. And if I know one thing from worshipping the MSM - that's all that really matters.

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Trading JVR is Lou's first blunder #mycolumn

Bobby Cappuccino
January 19 2016 12:00PM

JVR trade

The first of many Leafs moves before the trade deadline happened today, with the Toronto Maple Leafs dealing winger James Van Riemsdyk to the New York Rangers. I literally cannot believe it.

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Should the Leafs Acquire Jake Virtanen? #mycolumn

Bobby Cappuccino
January 06 2016 07:52AM

Should Canada's Team make a play for Jake Virtanen?

With each passing day, we get closer to the NHL trade deadline. It's no surprise then, that possible trade targets are starting to emerge more regularly. What is surprising, however, is the quality young talent that is apparently available.

In the last week, we've seen Jonathan Drouin and Kerby Rychel both request trades from their respective teams.

We can add another young name to the list of players possibly on the move: Jake Virtanen.

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The Maple Leafs are boring and I have analytics to prove it #MyColumn

Bobby Cappuccino
December 03 2015 07:00AM

Most people look back as the Carlylera (that's "Carlyle era" conveniently shortened to make it more efficient) as a negative. "The team played in an unsustainable way", people say. And sure, that's probably true (although we'll never know, as Carlyle's time was unfortunately cut short). But there is something the Carlylera was good for: entertainment. The same can't be said for the Mikera (short for "Mike Babcock era") thus far. 

And this isn't just my opinion. There is data to back it up. 

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You won't believe how Paul Hendrick owned this "fan"

Bobby Cappuccino
November 12 2015 12:41PM

Paul Hendrick aka Henny is known as a nice guy, and is a great source for all things Leafs. Even at the worst of times, you see Henny tweeting about the positives of the team and players. 

That's why we were so surprised to see him roast this fan on line earlier today.

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