my column: november 24

Bobby Cappuccino
November 24 2014 08:27AM

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Hi welcome to my column, the only column that is mine. I’d like to first get something off my chest *finishes his set of 250 pound bench press, sticks his tongue out at roman polak*. Okay but for real there was a lot of good feedback after last week’s my column. I have incorporated it into this column. I was told to make it more readable so I have done that by using actual punctuation sometimes which is annoying. Your Welcome readers. Secondly, I was told to get a new pen name that was better and that name is now Hockey McCanada. 

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LGD - Winter Classic

Bobby Cappuccino
November 22 2014 10:12AM

It’s been cold and miserable in Toronto this week - and the weather hasn’t been so great either. The Leafs played two of their worst games ever, and then played one of their better games because they finally competed, which kind of makes sense if you think about it - the only thing consistent about this team is its inconsistency. 

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my column: november 17

Bobby Cappuccino
November 17 2014 07:15AM

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now that i have the green light from justin fisher i present my new weekly column called my column. 

in My Column i will discuss the happenings of the past week in leafland® so u can stay dutifully informed and can impress your coworkers at the water cooler or when ur feet are almost touching while ur doing #2 in next-door bathroom stalls. 

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LGD: The Oakland 76ers

Bobby Cappuccino
November 15 2014 12:18PM

After losing to crosby and the pens® last night, the Leafs commute down to Byfugallo to play the really terrible sabres.  

i can make as many jokes as i want about buffalo but unlike the MAple Laffs who have been average for the last decade, Buffalo is GOOD at something. that something is being really bad, but that's just simantics - which is more important than analytics #ThanksDubas #FireCharron 

If you ask me it is disrespectful that Buffalo is tanking since it is the Maple Leafs that are named after something from the military.

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LGD: Stepan Up Their Game

Bobby Cappuccino
November 08 2014 09:45AM

Coming off a shootout loss to the 2014-15 Maple Leafs, the Toronto Maple Leafs welcome the New York Rangers to town. The teams are right next to each other in league standings, and boast almost identical records. Neither team is particularly great at possession either. This could be fun. Or it could be a boring game between two meh teams.

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