LEAFS POSTGAME: Leafs Bury Avalanche in OT

Bobby Cappuccino
October 14 2014 09:01PM


On paper, the Avalanche looked like a perfect opponent for the Leafs to play to encourage some positive habits and get another win under their belt. Why? Possession. The Avs, like the Leafs, aren’t a possession powerhouse. With some luck, it looked like the Leafs could work and succeed at a bunch of the things they wanted to incorporate this season.

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LGD: Preparing for an Avalanche

Bobby Cappuccino
October 14 2014 11:50AM

So the Leafs opened the season with a solid effort against the Habs, a brutal loss against the Penguins, and an absolutely dominant win against the Rangers. Leafs Nation has had its ups and downs so far as a result, but people have stepped away from the big red button that says “PRESS WHEN THE END IS NIGH” and are a bit more cautiously optimistic. 

Tonight, the Avalanche are in town. Their first two games of the season (both against Minnesota) were pretty bad (the first one especially), but they pushed out a last second victory against the Bruins last night. Like the Leafs, the Avs are a bad possession/high shooting % team. Unlike the Leafs, the Avalanche don’t seem concerned in trying to fix that (although they’ve improved their possession a bit in the last two games). 

Both teams are fast and can score a lot. This should be a fun one.

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Leafs Postgame - Penguins fly, Leafs fall

Bobby Cappuccino
October 11 2014 08:31PM

That wasn’t good. It was bad, even. 

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Leafs Roster Preview - Mike Santorelli

Bobby Cappuccino
October 04 2014 02:58PM

Joining his fourth team in three years, Mike "Santo Claus" Santorelli brings with him an incredible amount of versatility to the Leafs lineup. And that versatility is vital to a team that is looking for more contribution from their bottom six, and is also a bit unsure of how their second line right wing spot is going to look.

Where he will play, no one knows at the moment (well at least I don't). But he'll have a positive impact on this roster. And for a one year, $1 million deal, that's great value.

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Leafs Roster Preview - James Reimer

Bobby Cappuccino
October 01 2014 11:17AM

Always the happy-go-lucky optimist, James Reimer is heading into the season as a backup for the second year in a row. Sure, Carlyle and co have said that it’s a competition between their 1 and 1A (Jonathan Bernier and Reimer, respectively), but we all know which one of the two is thrown all over Leafs marketing efforts as the saviour. 

Still, Reimer is a good goalie, and a definite starter in the NHL - he proved that prior to last season. It just doesn’t look like that will happen again in Toronto.

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