The Curse of Mats Sundin?

Matt Stephen
March 22 2012 09:15AM

Being a sports fan in Toronto isn’t fun, or at least it hasn’t been for a long time. The city hasn’t seen a major league championship win since the ’93 Blue Jays. Twenty years of cold winless winters and summers that are over by spring training is enough to make even the most devout Toronto sports fan a crotchety, cynical, rotted husk of a person.

But how do you explain why the city and particularly the Leafs have been so misfortunate for so long? With the Leafs looking like they’re about to take the title of longest playoff drought from the Panthers when Florida presumably makes the playoffs this season, one has to get down into a Tebow and ask why.

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Black and Bruined

Matt Stephen
March 19 2012 08:02PM

Editor's Note:  Photo courtesy of @MHCranberry 's interesting timeline. Apologies for the late note I forgot originally.

The odds were stacked against the Maple Leafs, having lost five of the six games in the season series. The Bruins had outscored them 28-10 before the puck dropped, but against all odds, they came out with two points against the reigning Stanley Cup champs pushing the winning streak to three.

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