Recapping The Marlies First Round

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May 01 2012 03:48PM

Fear Da Beard

Editor's Note: This recap comes courtesy of roving Russian reporter Andrey Osadchenko.

After a hard-fought regular season series, it came as no surprise that the Marlies won the first 2 games of the AHL Western Conference Quarterfinal series with a one-goal edge. Amazingly enough, none of the games went to overtime even though in games 1 and 2 Marlies forward Jerry D'Amigo scored the game-winning goals late in the 3rd period - at 15:43 and 18:10.

Game 3 was the only match-up between the Americans and Marlies both in the regular season and playoffs that ended with a multiple goal difference - Toronto won the game 3:0. It was also the first match-up this season where the Americans couldn't score on the Marlies.

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Brian Burke Cares

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April 10 2012 11:26PM


Among the many stupid questions (and the odd good one) that mittenstringers asked at the season ending feeding frenzy were a number that questioned how Brian Burke felt about this season. 'Obviously' his anger was manufactured and he couldn't possibly care that much. Reading his answers to questions hardly do them justice as it's impossible to see the evident frustration and anger with which he spoke to the media. 

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Fresh Blood Unveiled

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March 16 2012 10:53AM

It seems like ages ago - the Leafs were in a playoff spot, Ron Wilson was still the coach, and Phil Kessel wasn't on the trading block - but TheLeafsNation started to look for new contributors. We had a surprisingly big response and over February the potential contributors submitted three stories.

I was hoping to find one new contributor but...

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Brian Burke's Bluster: Fans Booing

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March 14 2012 06:07AM


Brian Burke is an outsized personality in a business in which the majority are content to hide any shred of personality behind rote answers to questions. Burke is always willing to make his point loudly and memorably. From "proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligerence" to his rant against the rats' takeover of the NHL when the big guy speaks, people kind of remember what he says and assume it's always true and consistent. 

But should they? Well, I'm not sold.

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Mikhail Grabovski Signs, Comparisons Abound

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March 07 2012 01:31AM

Yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Mikhail Grabovski to a five year deal at an annual cap hit of $5.5M. As Chemmy noted, cries of 'massive overpayment!' were quick to the lips of many an ignorant fan and mittenstringer. There were however a couple of good takes on the deal from the media and one popular comparison of cap hits that could use a lot more examination after the jump.

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