Season of Remembrance

November 11 2013 07:58AM

On the evening of December 24th, 1914, something redeeming happened along the Western Front in France and Belgium. Something sane, kind, good and human took over from the cruel madness that was emerging from the first few months of the Great War. On that night, rifles were put down and soldiers on opposite sides of a pitted field rose from their makeshift trenches filled with mud and earth and came together as comrades, offering each other gifts and friendship.

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Should the NHL Expand, Relocate or Contract? - Part Two

February 17 2013 08:57PM

In the previous article I looked at why the NHL could afford, financially and strategically, to expand to 32 teams. I also defended the idea of expansion as it relates to their existing business plan and recent history of fiscal growth.

This brings me to my second point regarding expansion: talent dilution in the NHL.

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Should the NHL expand, relocate, or contract?

February 08 2013 07:33AM

It is expected that the NHL will announce expansion of the league, presumably by two teams, at some point in the not so distant future. Markham and Quebec are the anticipated locations, with arenas being built, and an expansion draft to follow.

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11th of November

November 11 2012 02:13PM

On November 11th, 1918 the leading nations of the world finally put a stop to the largest display of industrial self-immolating lunacy it had ever seen (but sadly would not ever see). In four years, the belligerent nations of the Allied and Central Powers had managed to annihilate roughly 17 million souls, both military and civilian. At the Somme, a small section of river in Northeastern France, the two managed to combine to destroy 1 million men in just over a year. Today the Somme is referred to by some as the graveyard of armies.

All of this accomplished very little, as the world would dance again to the same nihilistic tune for a new generation.

That war would see mankind throw approximately 60 million souls, both military and civilian, into the abyss.

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