Steven Tzemis
September 09 2014 07:00AM

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Coming in at number five on our list defenceman Petter Granberg, who jumped a massive eight spots from our midterm rankings done back in January.

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Steven Tzemis
May 08 2014 02:18PM

Randy Gump

Being a Leafs fan sucks. It really really sucks. Like, it REALLY sucks. If you’re in your early 20s, you’ve experienced pure heartbreak and sadness for your entire teenage years.

And things seemed like they were just about to change. Tim Leiweke was brought in to run MLSE. Brendan Shanahan was brought in to run the Leafs. And it seemed like there was no way Randy Carlyle was going to survive this offseason. But then we waited and waited and Carlyle was still around.

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LGD - Game 78: Bruins @ Leafs - Big Bad Bruins Are Back In Town

Steven Tzemis
April 03 2014 01:48PM

Every time the Bruins and Leafs play each other, the Kessel comparisons come out. It doesn't matter if Kessel is playing at an MVP level or not, or even that Tyler Seguin is no longer part of the Bruins organization. Those comparisons aren't fair, but the Leafs need to compete with the Bruins if they ever plan on being successful. And that's something Toronto hasn't done in a long time, and probably won't do for a little while longer. 

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LGD - Game 69: DC Matinee

Steven Tzemis
March 16 2014 10:58AM


For the first time in a long time, the Leafs didn't play Saturday night, instead shifting their schedule to a Sunday matinee with the Washington Capitals. It's the Leafs first game back from their California road trip, and the Capitals last game before they visit California (sorry, Washington). 

The season series is 1-1 between the teams, but the Leafs won in a shootout, meaning the Capitals lead this season series. 

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Bernier gone, but not for long . . . Hopefully

Steven Tzemis
March 15 2014 06:53PM


Jonathan Bernier left Thursday's game against the Kings after the first period with a "lower body injury", opening the door for James Reimer to produce a gym, leading the Leafs to victory. 

Since the Leafs label every injury as either an upper or lower body injury, we don't know what Bernier's injury is yet. And we may never know. But fear not, because his injury isn't considered to be serious, at least according to coach Randy Carlyle.

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