You wouldn't believe what Joffrey Lupul said about the Leafs leadership qualities

Cam Charron
April 14 2014 04:46PM

There was a lot said today by Tim Leiweke and Brendan Shanahan as the Toronto Maple Leafs made a big scene in unveiling their shiny new President and Director of Hockey Operations, making the media rounds and holding a press conference. It was also locker clean-out day, which is usually when we get to learn who was injured.

But beneath all that was a Joffrey Lupul quote that's been buried behind a lot of other stuff.

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A note on Dion Phaneuf's "curious" second half...

Cam Charron
April 13 2014 09:20PM

Local strawman Steve Simmons writes the following:

The first-half, second-half thing with Phaneuf was curious. He was sound the first-half, in Team Canada long-shot consideration, and disastrous over the final quarter of the season...

Weird, huh.

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Listicle: 4 Maple Leafs season-killing offseason mistakes that could have been easily avoided

Cam Charron
April 09 2014 11:45AM


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'm here for the autopsy.

It's somewhat appropriate that T.S. Eliot's The Hollow Men is the most oft-quoted piece of literature in season-ending pieces analyzing the fortunes of sports teams, if not only for its memorable final line "not with a bang but a whimper".

Literature is too easy to analyze, as the phrases can be convoluted in almost every way to appeal to any kind of meaning you want to attach to the piece (I'm reminded of this XKCD comic) and unfortunately, sports has gone down that path.

Anybody who stuck around and read the skeptics this summer should have known that the Maple Leafs weren't the likely playoff-bound team we'd seen last year and the start of this season. Somehow, exactly on March 14th at noon, the Maple Leafs decided that there wasn't a good-enough leader in the dressing room and they were going to lose eight consecutive and earn just four points in the next twelve games and piss away the playoffs.

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Ben Smith keeps Toronto alive with buzzer-beating goal

Cam Charron
April 04 2014 11:15PM

It's not exactly like us to write about other teams here, but the playoff chase has gotten extremely interesting. Columbus and Chicago played a back and forth game that was knotted at 3 when Smith broke the hearts of the Blue Jackets announcers, tucking in a backhander on a mad scramble with 4 seconds left on the clock.

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Toronto Star writer singlehandedly turns hockey world against Maple Leafs

Cam Charron
April 04 2014 01:38PM

With just one article.

It really is incredible. One of the reasons I've been blogging less than I was at the start of the season is because I don't feel as obligated to, so rather than look to find something to write about, I write about something when I think about something or am feeling a certain way. At this point, I'm thinking that the Toronto Star needs to shut it all down. Just end it. This is absurd.

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