Don Cherry's rant at Leafs' handling of Nazem Kadri is misguided

Cam Charron
October 03 2012 01:36PM

If the Brian Burke feud with Don Cherry from late January has any spillover victims, it's Dallas Eakins of the Toronto Marlites.

That's Cherry's scope in this town. He's not just a media figure, he's a cult, and Eakins, a coach of an American Hockey League team, had to answer questions raised by Cherry on Twitter.

So let's recap the things Cherry has said in 2012 about the Maple Leafs' organization. In three mediums now, he has criticized the team for the way they treat American college players in relation to good Southern Ontario kids.

There was this interview with QMI from a few months back:

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Cody Franson REAX, Shootout math problems, other Leaflets

Cam Charron
October 01 2012 04:21PM

The big news from today is obviously the Cody Franson signing, but these stories from both James Mirtle and Terry Koshan indicate that I was a bit quick in jumping the gun suggesting that Franson wouldn't be able to return to the Leafs for a lockout-shortened season.

“We would have two hurdles to clear — the lockout first and the Leafs would have to sign him,” Franson’s agent, Gerry Johannson, said on Monday afternoon. 

“If those two things happen, he can return.” [Toronto Sun]

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Cody Franson signs in SEL with Brynas IF

Cam Charron
October 01 2012 12:36PM

Another puzzle piece could be out of the mix for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Cody Franson, the 25-year old defenceman with three years of NHL experience, has jettisoned and signed with Brynäs IF of the Swedish Elite League for the full 2012-13 season, the club announced Monday afternoon.

The SEL doesn't necessarily want lockout-protected contracts, and the full-season contract is indicative of something or other. Franson went, of course, un-signed by the Maple Leafs this past summer as a restricted free agent coming off a 2-year contract worth $800K per season. Presumably, he was looking for a sizeable raise, that the Leafs didn't necessarily want to give to him.

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Paul Ranger places #1 on Dallas Eakins' fitness test

Cam Charron
September 29 2012 03:21PM


No, I don't particularly know what this means, anything other than Paul Ranger spent the majority of his time off from hockey getting jacked.

Whatever happened for Ranger when he was off from hockey, or why he left, is elementary at this point, but it's the sort of story that a storytelling media will eat up—Ranger is a Good Ontario Boy™ with roots in the GTHL and has even coached in his hometown Whitby. His departure from the NHL was strange, and mainly because he was really, really good.

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REAX to Nazem Kadri's body fat

Cam Charron
September 28 2012 03:58PM

Nazem Kadri drinking pure corn syrup. Image via Peter J. Thompson/National Post

The original comments that we heard about Nazem Kadri having "unacceptable" levels of fitness from Toronto Marlies' head coach Dallas Eakins on the first day of training camp may have been a bit overblown.

We'll follow up to our morning post with reactions to the news throughout the hockey blogosphere and mainstream sports media, which also includes a bizarre conspiracy theory…

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