Don Cherry's bizarre feud with Brian Burke

Cam Charron
January 31 2012 01:54PM

Don Cherry has never taken issue with being the centre of attention. With his weekly appearance on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada's first intermission segment, Cherry takes to his soapbox to discuss his own personal appearances, vendettas and politics in front of a large national audience forgoing any quality analysis from the first two periods.

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Is Scott Gomez hockey's most underrated? (Yes)

Cam Charron
January 26 2012 12:17PM



Poor Scott Gomez. From the website which asks the rhetorical question "Did Gomez score" to players naming him the 3rd most overrated player in hockey, it seems like there are a lot of hockey fans, players and media who don't appreciate his talent.

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Does the Liles extension mean Grabovski is out in Toronto?

Cam Charron
January 25 2012 01:25PM

As mentioned earlier at The Leafs Nation by Danny Gray, the rumour that John-Michael Liles had re-signed a long-term deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs hit the Internet feeds this morning, securing the future for at least one current Toronto Maple Leaf. The deal was confirmed in the afternoon, with Liles signing a four-year extension worth $3.875M per.

Who is the other Leaf that this extension may effect? Mikhail Grabovski.

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Dion Phaneuf can't fight in that situation

Cam Charron
January 18 2012 02:20PM

Dion Phaneuf, the Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, needs to be less selfish and must pick his spots more intelligently (if at all) when it comes to fighting. Even if his honour is at stake, it's the worst thing Phaneuf can do in any situation, as not just the team's Captain, but as its best defenseman.

His team's rivalry with the Ottawa Senators picked up for maybe the first time since Phaneuf became a Leaf.

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Playoff hopes and dreams: How many wins and goals are needed?

Cam Charron
January 12 2012 02:13PM

The season is halfway over, and, still, the Leafs remain in playoff position, not only just 6th in the NHL's Eastern Conference, but they are also one of just five teams in the conference with a positive goal differential. The time is right for the Leafs right now: beyond the top four teams in the conference, neither are very strong.

Of course, the unfortunate reality of this for Leafs fans is that one of the top four teams in the conference, Pittsburgh, are currently sitting in ninth place but are primed to make a run forward. Their +12 goal differential matched with the team being the best Eastern team in team Fenwick rank mean that they're not likely to sit where they are.

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