Counting Chickens and Jimmy Vesey

Jeff Veillette
July 07 2016 12:21PM

August 15th is 40 days away. For the uninitiated, that's when NCAA players who have passed their period of eligibility without signing an NHL contract can test the market as unrestricted free agents, forgoing the draft rights obtained by their first team years ago. The Leafs are expected to lose a player this way this year in Tony Cameranesi, though the fact that he was released from his Amateur Tryout after just a few games with the Marlies this spring shows that they probably aren't fussed about it.

But many expect them to gain one right back in 2015/16 Hobey Baker Award winner Jimmy Vesey. Many have talked about this as an inevitability for months, but it might be time to pump the brakes on that idea just a little bit.

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Leafs announce plans for Centennial Season

Jeff Veillette
July 07 2016 08:25AM


It's been a fun hundred years of being richer and cooler than all and better than most. The Toronto Maple Leafs are celebrating their centennial in this upcoming 16/17 season, and today, the team made some announcements as to what the year will entail.

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Talkin' about Lou's Rules

Ryan Fancey
July 07 2016 07:54AM

By now you've probably got an inkling that Lou Lamoriello has a few practices that make him a bit unique as a general manager. Call it old school or military-like, either way, he has a number of somewhat quirky ideas about how a team should be run, and how to push the notion of "It's all about the logo on the front".

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WWYDW: Know Your Role

Jeff Veillette
July 06 2016 06:09PM

We're going to keep WWYDW a little bit on the simple side once again this week. Today, let's talk about some of the newest members of the team and where you think they'll stand in the lineup.

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11 ideas for the Leafs' 100th Anniversary Festivities

Jeff Veillette
July 06 2016 01:29PM


Tomorrow, the Toronto Maple Leafs will be revealing their 100th-anniversary logo, along with some information on team festivities. No, the logo isn't what you're seeing above, unless Brendan Shanahan is so glued to the emoji feature of his iPhone that he's lost control of his mind and life. It also probably won't be this one that the team trademarked years ago, when they were using the Ballard logo and hadn't started shifting into the "gritty, simplistic" artistic style.

But here are a few ideas, probably coming in far too late, for things the team could do to celebrate the year.

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