The Leafs Skaters, by the numbers, during the preseason

Jeff Veillette
October 11 2016 08:25AM

Photo Credit: Eric Bolte/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs' season opener is tomorrow, and we're all very excited to see what many believe is a dawning of a new era occur before our very eyes. However, it's not like we haven't see them play yet; the team did just finish an eight-game run of exhibition games. Out of curiosity, I pulled their production and possession numbers together and put them into an easy-to-consume table.

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Mitch Marner is a Toronto Maple Leaf

Ryan Fancey
October 11 2016 07:56AM

The picture above has Mitch Marner in a London Knights jersey, celebrating with teammates a Memorial Cup win this past spring that capped one of the best junior hockey seasons by any individual in history. I figured I'd use it as a header image to give his time with the Knights a final send-off, because those days are over. 

Marner is a Leaf, he plays in the NHL now.

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Leafs roster looks set, but silly season approaches

Ryan Fancey
October 10 2016 10:41AM

It looks like we finally have our 2016-17 Maple Leafs roster. Or at least our Wednesday, October 12th, opening night roster. 

Yes, the once-waived have now cleared, Naz is back from injury, and the Leafs are practicing today with a lineup that's likely what they'll go with against the Senators in just over 48 hours.

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Highlights from the Waiver Wire, 10/10/16 Edition

Jonathan Willis
October 10 2016 10:25AM

We've been waiting for a while for the good names to start showing up on the waiver wire. On Monday, it happened.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: October 10th

Jeff Veillette
October 10 2016 09:50AM


The Leafs lost three-quarters of their preseason games, the Jays have recaptured the hearts of a nation, the Raptors are about to start back up again and Toronto FC is about as relevant as they've ever been at the moment.

I don't think there's ever been lower pressure for a non-tanking Leafs team to succeed, and that's a perfect situation for this kid-infused mashup of players. I'm not going anywhere with the point, I just wanted to throw it out there for your consideration. Anyway, here are some of your questions and my corresponding answers for this week:

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