TLN Draft Prospect Watch: Michael McLeod

Tom Hunter
April 20 2016 02:30PM

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Michael (Mikey) McLeod. Watching the young center play for Mississauga in the second half of his rookie season (2014-15), you could see that this was a player that would be right up near the top of the 2016 NHL draft even though his name was only ever mentioned as a late first rounder.  

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Kyle Dubas Is Staying With The Leafs

Shawn Reis
April 20 2016 01:08PM

Kyle Dubas, Leafs assistant GM and also the General Manager of the Toronto Marlies, met with reporters today ahead of the AHL club's quest to capture a Calder Cup, which begins this weekend.

One of the things Dubas talked about was his future with the Leafs (or, more specifically, whether he has one).  After all, he's considered of the brightest young minds in hockey and was already pursued by the Arizona Coyotes for their current GM vacancy.

Here's Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star with all the juicy details:

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Exit Interview: Nylander, Sparks, Hyman

Jon Steitzer
April 20 2016 12:44PM

The TLN Exit Interviews are still trucking along and today we take a look at three players who made their NHL debuts this season. Arguably all three did better than expected but how much of a future do they have with the Leafs? How many Dubas heads did they earn? These are the important questions we will answer.

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The Leafs Were Pretty Good At Trading Prospects This Year

Shawn Reis
April 20 2016 10:30AM

Everything the Leafs have done over the last year has been to prepare themselves for the future.  The players they've drafted, the trades they've made, the players they've signed - it's all been done not to be better today, bu to be better tomorrow.

Central to that has been the extensive reshuffling of the Leafs' prospect pool - not just through the draft or the free wallet approach of free agency, but with prospects coming in and out the door via trade as well.

You're probably well aware of some of the fresh young faces the Leafs have brought into the organization, but you might've forgotten about all of the names they shipped out of town.  So let's take a look back at the year of prospect trading that was for the Leafs, and see how things turned out.

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How the 2015/16 Marlies have set the bar for AHL teams moving forward

Jeff Veillette
April 20 2016 06:59AM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

Many thought that the Toronto Marlies were going to be a contender in the American Hockey League this year, but not many expected them to be this good. I predicted in October that they'd be able to dominate the league and were probably going to score the most goals in the AHL, but a 0.750 record? That's practically unprecedented. 

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