Fourth Lines, Third Pairs and The Extra 2%

Dom Luszczyszyn
November 24 2016 01:14PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

Back in the summer of 2013, before hockey analytics really became a part of the mainstream lexicon, there was an article posted on Yahoo on Kyle Dubas. I'll never forget the lead to that article:

"One of the first things Kyle Dubas did when he became the general manager of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds was buy everybody in the office a copy of Jonah Keri's The Extra 2%, a book that chronicles the overhaul by two Wall Street analysts of the Tampa Bay Rays, turning them from a laughingstock of baseball to a perennial contender in the American League East Division."

As it turns out, the guy who wrote the piece on the "not-so-secret" use of analytics by the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds was a former TLN Managing Editor, a guy who's now employed by the Leafs: Cam Charron. Funny how that ends up working out.

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LFR10 - Game 20 - Demons - Tor 4, NJ 5 (SO)

Steve Dangle
November 24 2016 10:51AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 12.38.28 PM

IT WORKED!... Oh. It worked...

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Brandon Prust appears to be heading to Germany

Jeff Veillette
November 24 2016 09:09AM

For those who were waiting to see if Brandon Prust would swoop in, sign a contract, and steal somebody's roster spot, well, you can either hang your head low our breathe a sigh of relief today, depending on what side of the coin your opinions lie. From the looks of it, the veteran forward is off to Europe to get some non-practice ice time.

At least, if you're taking his fiancee, Maripier Morin's word for it.

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LEAFS POSTGAME: Leafs lose a close one in New Jersey

Ryan Hobart
November 23 2016 08:31PM

Photo Credit: Vincent Charchietta/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Leafs were in tough, playing on a back-to-back game against a rested opponent. Playing their backup goaltender, and facing a pretty solid New Jersey team.

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On moving on from Holland and pursuing a shutdown defenceman

Jeff Veillette
November 23 2016 12:33PM

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/USA TODAY SPORTS

For the first time in quite some time, an actual trade rumour has surfaced involving the Toronto Maple Leafs. Darren Dreger was on TSN's Insider Trading yesterday, and spoke of Toronto's excess and needs heading into the immediate future.

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