TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: #19 Kasimir Kaskisuo

Shawn Reis
August 09 2016 06:00AM


A lot of people felt the Leafs could do something to bolster their organizational goalie depth, but it still seemed to catch them off guard when the team announced the signing of Finnish goalie turned college starter Kasimir Kaskisuo. For a lot of people, they had simply never heard of him before.

Still, some light has slowly been shed on him, and people are slowly warming up to him. Granted, he's far from a blue-chip prospect, but he's put his name right alongside the likes of Garret Sparks and Antoine Bibeau in the minds of many, so much so that he's our top-ranked goalie (albeit by a slim margin) in this summer's rankings.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: August 8th

Jeff Veillette
August 08 2016 12:14PM


It's good to know that, whatever awful mistakes I make in my life, I'll still end up being less of a scumbag than the dude who tried to sucker punch an entire KHL team today. Seriously, if he's ever allowed to play hockey again, it's hands down the wrong decision.

Oh, also, we have a new edition of the TLN Mailbag. Let's see what you were all curious about this week!

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: #20 Garret Sparks

Katy Tearle
August 08 2016 04:11AM


Anyone who has ever spoken to me, or followed me on Twitter when the Marlies are playing has seen my absolute love for Garret Sparks and his checkerboard gear. In fact, looking at the final votes, I was the only one of the TLN staff who ranked him in the Top 15. That's only because they're all wrong. Or I'm biased. It could be either.

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: Honourable Mentions

Jeff Veillette
August 07 2016 11:48AM


On Friday, we kicked off our summer prospect rankings by going over the players who received no votes from our staff. Today, we'll go over the players who did receive votes but didn't quite make the list. Let's begin!

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TLN Roundtable: Summer Sixteen

Jeff Veillette
August 06 2016 08:15AM


This weekend, we ignored our roots as a hockey site and decided to focus on things that actually matter, like what we've all been doing this summer. Not last summer, this summer. Not an NHL summer, but a TLN summer. Anyway...

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