Steve Lansky
December 06 2010 08:50PM

With apologies to the 1980 Cleveland Browns and 1967 Boston Red Sox, it looks like it’s time to anoint the 2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs the NHL's “Kardiac Kids.” If you walked away early from the games Saturday against Boston and Monday night in Washington, you missed the two best Leafs’ finishes of the season. The fact that they won both games is exciting, but they showed a huge amount of character both times – and that’s something that has been most certainly lacking in a massive number of Leafs’ games this season.

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Leafs vs Capital - Ovie Comin'

December 06 2010 11:06AM

Yeah the Leafs are a joke now, but just wait until you're a part of this team next year.

Tonight the Leafs travel to Washington for their second of four meetings this season against the Capitals. Waiting for them on the ice will be a Leaf killer in Alexander Ovechkin. In four games last year, the Great 8 potted 4 goals to go along with his 8 helpers. In their previous meeting this year, Alex added another two assists bring up his total to 14 points in his last 5 games against the Leafs. The troubling thing is though, he's not the Alex the Leafs need to most worry about; that would be Alex Semin. Third in the league with 18, Semin is a goal scoring machine in this contract year and is letting all potential shooters that it's going to take mucho deniro to sign him in free agency. His last 4 games agaist the Leafs? 3 goals and 5 assists for 8 points. If the Leafs want to leave DC with two more points than they entered with, they'll need to keep the Alexes in check.

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Steve Lansky
December 05 2010 08:32PM

A day before the Maple Leafs’ shootout win over Tim ‘Superman’ Thomas and his Boston Bruins on Saturday night at ACC, assistant general manager Dave Nonis had a little chat about confidence with his players. Returning from injury, forward Colby Armstrong said, "Dave pretty much said that he just believes in our group. I think we were going through a time where it was tough for us. I don't know if it was confidence or what. It wasn't a long talk – pretty much just a little kick in the butt to the boys and also a little confidence boost.”

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Game #25: Boston @ Toronto, Dec. 4/10 (3-2 SOW)

Slava Duris
December 04 2010 09:03PM

Scoring Chances for NHL Game Number 20381

In the last 32:17 minutes of the game, the Leafs outchanced the Bruins 22-2.  As Nik Borschevksy once said, "Unbelieveable"

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Leafs vs Bruins Game Preview

December 04 2010 01:40PM

Orr Lucic Fisticuffs

Tonight, the Bruins are in town for their 2nd of 6 games against the Leafs this season and with them they bring a 14-8-2 record back up by amazing goaltending and powerful forwards. So what is Wilson's plan to counter the Bruins game? Why moving Phil Kessel to second line center of course. You read that right, for the first time in his NHL career and the first time since his days at the University of Minnesota, Phil Kessel will be patrolling the middle of the ice. Word out of the Leafs is that Kessel volunteered to play center and coach Wilson agreed. Normally I'd scoff at such a desperation move, but with the lack of good centers on the Leafs, why not give it a shot.

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