Relive the 2011-12 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Jon Steitzer
August 06 2015 03:00PM


The 2011-12 Season is a special season in Leafs history. It was the season the Leafs decided that they were going to go from being just awful to being some kind of performance art celebrating how truly awful a team can be. Really it was a season that was doomed from the start as trading up to draft Tyler Biggs is a sign that your organization is being navigated towards some choppy seas.

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Maple Leafs Announce Rookie Tournament Roster and Dates

Jon Steitzer
August 06 2015 11:10AM

It's one of those rare pieces of news that trickles out of the Leafs in August, but the official roster and game dates (all in London) have been confirmed by the organization.

The will fall on Sept 11-13, and will be against Ottawa, Montreal, and Pittsburgh in that order. More on the roster after the jump...

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Relive The 2010-11 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
August 06 2015 09:00AM

This iternation of the Leafs was a weird one. They weren't quite the level of awful as the rebuilding teams of prior years, and they didn't provide the heartbreak of the years that would follow. They were better than the year prior, but had minimal expectation, and every pocket of success was seen as a good thing. They were pleasantly bad, if you will, and are the subject of this morning's look back.

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Can Babcock make van Riemsdyk the guy in Toronto?

Ryan Fancey
August 06 2015 07:56AM

A story that's been at the front of the Leafs' offseason since the Babcock hiring is how the team can go forward with "rehabilitating" Dion Phaneuf's game in the coming year(s). Phaneuf has recently seen his value dip to perhaps its lowest point, so for the purposes of getting some return on their $7-million investment or facilitating a trade to get out from under it, management obviously wants to see some improvement. 

However, beyond Phaneuf there are other interesting potential "turn-around" cases on this team. Another example would be Nazem Kadri, who will be under a close eye this season after the Leafs gave him an "Impress us this year and we'll make you rich" contract/promise.

But someone who's maybe been a little bit stuck in the middle and not receiving a ton of discussion in this regard is James van Riemsdyk. 

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Relive The 2009-2010 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Shawn Reis
August 05 2015 12:45PM

This is a season dear to my heart in a weird sort of way.  The team, as we will come to remember, was really bad.  But the 09-10 season was the first time I indulged in a full season of hockey since before the 2004-2005 NHL lockout.  And before that time, I had always flip-flopped around to different teams.  The one constant though was that I hated the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Something changed when I gave hockey another chance though - for whatever reason, this team just called my name.  And for better or for worse, I've been cheering them on ever since.  So let's take a trip down memory lane, and see how this season turned out for us blue and white faithful.

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