#AfterAuston: Jonathan Dahlen

Ryan Fancey
June 16 2016 10:05AM


Photo from TimraIK.se

Based on most of the pre-draft rankings we've been looking over for the last few weeks, it's clear the Canadian and U.S. feeder leagues will essentially dominate the first round. As such, most of our #AfterAuston profiles have been about CHL/USHL products and such. 

But the Leafs will likely take a Euro prospect at some point in this draft, and one very intriguing name that could be there when they pick at 30 and 31 is Jonathan Dahlen from the second Swedish pro league Allsvenskan. 

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The NationDrafts Playoff Winners

June 16 2016 07:00AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.44.56 PM

My friends, I am here, today, to bestow the Nation's praise onto a fine group of fantasy hockey heroes. This group of fantasy heroes opened up their wallets for a chance at glory and prizes, and today is the day where we announce the winners of the NationDrafts playoff pool!

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2016 NHL Draft: NHLe Numbers

Shawn Reis
June 16 2016 07:00AM

NHLe is a neat little stat that helps you, on a very basic level, project how the production of a given player would translate to the NHL. And since there are NHL translation numbers available across many leagues, perhaps more useful in NHLe is the fact that it allows you to compare prospects in a given draft class across leagues.

It has its limitations, though, and it's not any sort of catch-all statistic. Still, it's more grist for our mill, and can be useful on a basic level for fans and scouts alike.

Without further ado, what I've done is calculate the NHLe for 65 of the top-rated prospects in this year's draft class. So, a player's given NHLe number is what the tool says a player's production would be translated to an 82 game NHL season.

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WWYDW: Plan The Parade

Jeff Veillette
June 15 2016 06:38PM


We promise that we're going to go back to treating Phil Kessel as if he's just another member of another hockey team. Soon. But not today. Today, we have a very serious topic on our hands.

Kessel was on Sportsnet 590 the Fan this morning and in a conversation with Dean Blundell, mentioned that he might end up spending his day with the Stanley Cup, which has yet to be determined, back here in Toronto. Kessel has on many occasions spoken about how he feels this city is his second home, that he still has a lot of friends here, and that even though he sold his Bay and College condo this spring, he still visits often.

Obviously, there's a lot of fun speculation to be had about what he'll do with the cup. I'm hoping for the above-shown Wienermobile tour around the Financial District, with him stopping at Front and John for the tastiest of all the street meat. But that's not my question.

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#AfterAuston: Samuel Girard

Ryan Hobart
June 15 2016 02:00PM

Yesterday, I talked about a defenseman the Leafs might target in Logan Stanley. Today we're going to shift to basically the exact opposite player in Samuel Girard.

#AfterAuston today features shifty offensive defenseman Girard, who plays for the QMJHL-championship-finalist Shawinigan Cataractes. Girard very well could be that kind of high-ceiling talent the Leafs would look for when drafting.

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