Toronto Marlies training camp evolves as team transitions towards season opener

Jeff Veillette
October 10 2016 08:48AM


The Toronto Marlies wrapped up the competitive end of their training camp on Sunday night, playing the final of three games against the St. John's IceCaps in Newfoundland. With that and a few days of scrimmages behind them, the team now looks towards the start of the season with the bulk of their core returning to join them this week.

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Are Bigger Goalies Better At Stopping Medium Or Low Danger Shots?

October 10 2016 07:00AM

The biggest roster move the Leafs made this summer was acquiring Frederik Andersen from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for 30th overall, a 2017 second round draft pick, and Jonathan Bernier.  One of the things that jumps out about Andersen is his size.  At 6'4" and 230 pounds, he's one of the NHL's larger goalies, both in terms of height and width.  Lamoriello said that was one of the things the Leafs liked about Andersen: "He gives us size which today is a necessity the way the game is played."  Lou followed up by adding that, "his athleticism is exceptional."

While goaltending analysis has a lot of room to grow, we have a couple of extra tools available today than we did a few years ago.  One of the things we can do is splitting up the shots a goalie faces based on "danger zones".  If we divide shots into low, medium, and high danger zones (far, medium, and close distance, respectively), it turns out that whether low or medium danger shots become goals is almost entirely random.  It seems to be the case that the only shots where differences in goaltender talent matter much are high danger shots.

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The Leafs are at the Jays game and I have many questions

Jeff Veillette
October 09 2016 08:16PM


The Toronto Maple Leafs are hanging out at the Rogers Centre right now, watching the Toronto Blue Jays in the midst of a nerve-wracking Game 3 in the ALDS. In fact, I'd wager that absolutely none of you are going to read this post until long after the game is over, and to be honest, I don't blame you. 

But Mitch Marner posted this group shot and I have so many observations about everybody here. Here we go.

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Your Toronto Maple Leafs Merch Shopping List

October 09 2016 04:53PM


It can be easy to go through the NHL store and find the bad merchandise. In fact, they make it too easy for us. And that’s like swinging at low hanging fruiting while also kicking a dead horse and a broken clock is right twice a day. I’ve long been critical of the merchandise the various teams sign off on because it tends to show a huge disconnect with what we as fans actually want to spend money on. A lot of teams struggle to pin down how they want their brand to look - see the Maple Leafs using so many shades of blue and a plethora of texts and logos often on the same garment.

I do consider progress being made as there are no more pink jerseys plaguing the stores.

After sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of items, let’s look at the apparel that is being done well. And oh hey, the holidays are coming up so hopefully this can make shopping easier!

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Highlights from the waiver wire: 10/9/16 edition

Jonathan Willis
October 09 2016 04:00PM

Ten more players were placed on waivers on Sunday, including a pair of established NHL forwards.

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