Do the Leafs recent decisions reflect the clubs' overall mentality?

Jess Pincente
July 03 2016 07:20AM

Things were so good for a while. Yesterday, the Leafs signed Roman Polak.  Yes, it is only a one-year deal, and he's a "good guy to have in the dressing room".  Whatever.  I cannot say that I am too impressed with that signing.  I cannot say that I am too impressed with the signing of Matt Martin, either.  His contract is not awful, but I find that deal somewhat hard to justify.

I also cannot say that I am too impressed with the Leafs 2016 draft class.  They passed on a few high-quality players and selected overage players that may not have the highest ceilings.  And yes, I am still bitter that they passed on Vitali Abramov. Twice, even!

Another thing I question is the Frederik Andersen trade.  The move reflects a win-now mindset- one of the first of it's kind in the Leafs organization left a lot of people wondering where the Leafs are headed next season. 

I know I am not an optimist.  After the last few years, can you blame me? The moves made under the leadership of Brendan Shanahan had me optimistic and excited about the future. However, these past few weeks have made me begin to question what the heck the Leafs are thinking.  

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Steve Dangle
July 02 2016 07:11PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7.57.07 PM

The Leafs only made two signings but they're two pretty unexpected and controversial ones. Lots of Leafs Nation seems pretty pissed off. Let me take a role I usually don't: The voice of reason.

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Leafs Sign Roman Polak To One-Year Deal

Shawn Reis
July 02 2016 03:11PM

I can't  believe I'm typing this, but this afternoon it was announced that the Toronto Maple Leafs have signed (re-signed?) unrestricted free agent defenseman Roman Polak.

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Vesey looking to explore free agency options

Ryan Hobart
July 02 2016 12:25PM

This afternoon, Boston Globe reporter Kevin Paul Dupont gave us a quote to update us on what Jimmy Vesey is thinking lately:

It seems that Vesey is all over the place this summer. Having first committed to leaving Nashville, then seemingly committed to joining Boston, and then being traded to Buffalo, many are uncertain as to where he'll land.

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I'm not quite sure what the Leafs are doing, and I'm curious to find out

Jeff Veillette
July 02 2016 09:22AM

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig/USA TODAY SPORTS

Since the exodus of Randy Carlyle and Dave Nonis a little over a year ago, Brendan Shanahan's "Shanaplan" has had sky-high approval ratings. Many shrewd and cautious moves that immediately followed gave a lot of reason to continue that, but after a stretch of moves that are hard to strongly identify as good or bad, you can't help but wonder if it's time to start shedding away the justifications and benefits of the doubts, and start approaching their process with more intrigue.

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