The Prospect Pyramid: A Response

Jeff Veillette
September 05 2016 11:00AM


While my typing fingers were silent last week, I did spend a little bit of time reading the blogs to see what everybody was up to. One of the articles that came across my eyes was on our very own, written by our pal and Senior Vice-Present of Loud Noises, Steve "Dangle" Glynn. In it, he proposed something called a "Prospect Pyramid".

First off, it was neat to see Steve turn to written words on this platform; something we haven't often seen since the days where Dave Nonis was the Leafs GM and our editors had noted girlfriends. But the idea was intriguing; a counter to the prospect rankings so many blogs use, published just before we concluded our own series.

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Frederik Andersen out 3-4 weeks with upper-body injury

Shawn Reis
September 05 2016 10:03AM

Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen is officially out as one of the three netminders for Team Europe at the World Cup of Hockey after the injury he suffered during an Olympic qualifying game last week, Tim Wharnsby of CBC Sports reports.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: September 5th

Jeff Veillette
September 05 2016 08:15AM


Don't look into it, but I'm back! I took a week and change off in the doggiest of dog days in the summer, hoping to recharge my internal battery. While it was a bit of a roller coaster of the mind (shutting your work brian only to realize that you do your hobbies for a living leads to a lot of boredom-driven introspection if you aren't prepared), I've returned a day early with an overflow of ideas. And Mailbag questions. There were a lot this week, but here are the five that seemed most immediately intriguing:

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The breakdown of Nylander > Marner

Ryan Hobart
September 04 2016 07:55AM

Recently, we finalized the rankings for our site's Top 20 Leafs Prospects. Review them from the top down here, starting with Auston Matthews. As you'll note, we had Mitch Marner at #2 and William Nylander at #3. I, however, did not.

My personal rankings had Nylander at 2 and Marner at 3 and I'd like to get into details as to why that is. I teased this analysis in my Nylander post so I apologize for taking this long to get it out here. I want to make absolutely sure that I'm aware the difference is very small. They're basically on the same pyramid tier. But I had to put one at 2 and this is why I made that Nylander.

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TLN Roundtable: PROSPECTS!

Shawn Reis
September 03 2016 09:24AM


With another summer of prospect rankings in the books, it's time to take one look back on the pool, and reflect on what's to come.

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