Mikhail Grabovski: Bought Out

Steve Dangle
July 04 2013 04:21PM



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Former Maple Leaf calls Randy Carlyle a "stupid coach"

Cam Charron
July 04 2013 03:58PM

From Jonas Siegel, who you have to figure is going to have a real meaty post soon.

Of course, what does Mikhail Grabovski know about coaching? Has he even ever played hockey?

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A confused direction: Adding and subtracting players after down seasons

Cam Charron
July 04 2013 03:45PM

One of the reasons I liked the David Bolland trade is that even though he was coming off a playoffs where he won the Stanley Cup and scored the Cup-winning goal, he had played a real lousy regular season, possibly his worst in the NHL, and lost his job as the Chicago Blackhawks' primary defensive faceoff man.

In 2011, Bolland was Jonathan Toews' shelter. While Toews earned a Selke Trophy nominee, it was controversial in the online community because Bolland was on the ice for 334 defensive zone faceoffs while Toews had just 268, despite way more minutes. The next year, Marcus Kruger gradually took over Bolland's role and eventually ended up as the primary defensive zone faceoff option in 2013.

Bolland isn't a good player because he starts a lot in the defensive zone—that would be an awful argument. It is worth keeping in context though because offensive and defensive zone starts, while there's a dispute onto how effective they are in helping scorers score, it's tough to deny that there isn't a practical purpose in establishing who are the offensive and defensive options for a coach.

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Stupid team makes stupid move - Second best player to be bought out

Cam Charron
July 04 2013 11:40AM

I did not grow up a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. I am from Vancouver, and grew up cheering for the local hockey team here, until about two years ago I just felt not that into cheering for a team anymore, and began watching a lot of other teams.

I enjoy covering the Toronto Maple Leafs for theleafsnation dot com. I like the early start times that allow me to finish work on a game night and still have time to get a bite to eat or a drink. I like that there is an expansive, intelligent fanbase that is fun to interact with. I like the fact that the Leafs for the most part played an entertaining style of hockey, and they've scored a lot of goals over the last few seasons, led by Phil Kessel, one of the game's best and most entertaining players.

But I do not like that the Toronto Maple Leafs bought out Mikhail Grabovski.

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Grabovski to be bought out by Leafs

Ryan Fancey
July 04 2013 10:25AM

This is a bit of a surprise.

We've sort of discussed the possibility of a Grabovski buyout in the past, especially if he was going to continue to have his minutes cut and offensive game destroyed by Carlyle. But I thought the Bolland trade would change that in a big way and allow him to get back to scoring.

If this is a move to keep Tyler Bozak, I may have to find another favorite team. 

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