RFAs, the Series - A Self Review

Ryan Hobart
August 03 2016 07:40AM

Near the end of the season, on my personal Blogspot Leafs From Rivers, I kicked off a series of posts discussing predictions of how the Leafs would settle with their restricted free agents (RFAs). Now that all of them have signed contracts, I wanted to take some time to review how I did. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete posts in time on Joshua Leivo and Morgan Rielly, so they are absent from this list. The way I structured each post was I gave an optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic outlook on how the situation might settle, in order to make it feel less "crystal ball"-ish. All the individual posts are linked below so if you're looking for some detail on where I got the numbers, or if you want my take on quick player analyses on each of those players, please take a look.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Aug 2, 2016, Kristina Rutherford

Steve Dangle
August 02 2016 05:51PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.42.39 AM

On this episode, Sportsnet writer Kristina Rutherford joined the podcast to tell some of her incredible stories about Phil Kessel, John Scott, Jaromir Jagr, J.A. Happ, Jose Canseco, and much more!

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July Deep Dive: An imperfect, but acceptable month

Jeff Veillette
August 02 2016 04:15PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

I don't think this was the summer that many people expected. Some expected massive, foundation-shaking moves, while others expected radio silence. What we got was somewhere in between, and it left a lot of questions to be asked. But looking strictly at July, how did the Leafs do?

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You can now buy the new Leafs jerseys

Jeff Veillette
August 02 2016 09:53AM


Let the great rise of hockey-related revenue begin! The Toronto Maple Leafs have officially put their 2016/17 home and away jerseys on sale on their RealSports Apparel website, giving fans their first chance to wear the faux-back logo in the way that the players will on the ice. Here are a few things to note about the whole thing.

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Somebody might have broken Mats Sundin('s statue)

Jeff Veillette
August 01 2016 03:32PM

Photo Credit: Avry Lewis-McDougall / @Avry

It's August 1st, and outside of us looking at salary data and calling it a borderline captastrophe (I'll see myself out), there isn't exactly really a lot to talk about today. I wouldn't blame you if, instead of surfing the internet, you went outside and explored the world, or at least played Pokemon or something.

Friend of the blog Avry Lewis-McDougall did just that, cruising by the Air Canada Centre and noticed something... what the hell happened to Mats Sundin?

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