Highlights from the waiver wire, 10/6/16 edition

Jonathan Willis
October 06 2016 02:15PM

After yesterday’s craziness – everybody cleared, which means 30 NHL general managers are confident they have a better backup goalie than Reto Berra and a better seventh defenceman than Mark Barberio – today’s waiver wire is a little quieter. It is fairly rich in defencemen, though, including 346-game NHL veteran Clayton Stoner.

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LGD: Hopefully not the IceCaps again

Jeff Veillette
October 06 2016 01:54PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Toronto Maple Leafs recently eked out an win against the Montreal Canadiens, which was fun as heck to watch from a shot count standpoint but a bit worrisome given that the Leafs played a full roster, the Habs played half a team, and the game went to overtime.

This time around, both sides will be a bit closer to actual hockey, and we'll get a taste of what this rivalry will look like throughout the year.

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Breaking Down Summer 2016: Atlantic Division

Cam Lewis
October 06 2016 12:00PM

This article is part of a four-part series that lists all of the transactions made by each NHL team and discusses what each team’s offseason means in the context of their division. Information and data was taken from: NHL Numbers, Hockey Reference, General Fanager, Hockey Analysis, Corsica, TSN, and Rotowire. Also, a special thanks to Sean Tierney who provided data visualization for the series.  

For the first time ever, the Atlantic Division is The Battle of Florida. 

Much to the surprise of everybody who knows what hockey is, the Florida Panthers finished the 2015-16 as the Atlantic champs. And now, after an excellent offseason, it looks like they aren't just going to be an anomaly, they're going to be there to stay. The Lightning also managed to do the impossible and extend the Steven Stamkos era in Tampa, but  they still aren't safe from difficult cap decisions. 

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Your uncle's Leafs jokes, ranked

Ryan Fancey
October 06 2016 08:49AM


Considering you're reading this site right now, I have little doubt at some point in your life you've checked your email to see a friend, or colleague, or even family member has sent the dreaded Leafs Joke. You'll read the subject line that says something like "FW: FW: laffs fans..." or "FW: RE: FW: the last time teh leafs won the cup", and you know what you're in for. It all comes from that same vault of garbage jokes and pixelated memes you're now accustomed to. 

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Believing in Connor Carrick, the crown jewel of this rebuild's seminal trade

Jeff Veillette
October 06 2016 08:42AM

Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman/USA TODAY SPORTS

When all is said and done, I wouldn't be against Daniel Winnik getting a spot on Legends Row. Yes, the Left Winger only played 114 games in Blue and White, and scored just 11 goals and 39 points. Very rarely was he even afforded top-six minutes, let alone the ability to become a game breaker on the ice. Nor should he have been, honestly; we're talking about a player who has cracked 30 points once in his career.

But in two consecutive years, this man decided to sign short-term deals for his hometown team, and in two consecutive years, he was moved for pieces that would create part of the foundation for a new era for the team. Maybe not so much the first time around, where his picks were sent elsewhere (or even back to Pittsburgh) a few months later, but his second exchange may prove to be foundational in the long run.

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