LGD: Take It Outside, Boys

Jeff Veillette
January 01 2017 07:35AM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

Look, I'm really excited for this game. Outdoor games might be losing their league-wide lustre as far as TV ratings go, but they're a cool draw for the local fanbases and I've been waiting for Toronto to host their own forever. Now that I'm not worried about the grass being destroyed (throws bitter side eye at the Argos), it's a pleasure to be able to step into BMO Field once again, this time to watch some hockey.

With that said, I know how this ends. We don't even have to play the game. I've seen the visions already.

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Nation World HQ
January 01 2017 06:48AM

Spy vs Spy

The #CentennialClassic is here and we've asked writers from both LeafsNation and WingsNation to give their take on the first matchup of 2017. We've also put together a few notes to get you ready for the first Nation Network battle of the year.

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TLN's Top 16 Leafs Moments of 2016

Jeff Veillette
December 31 2016 11:21AM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

The end of 2016 is upon us; ten hours away, in fact, if you live in the centre of the universe. It's been a roller-coaster year in a lot of ways, and if you're a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, that coaster was amplified. Tanks, trades, kids, legends, and more took centre stage as Toronto approached and began its centennial season, so with that in mind, I've picked 16 moments to remember from the year that passed.

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Freddie Andersen is putting in work, but can he keep it up?

Ryan Fancey
December 31 2016 08:43AM

Not taking anything away from a solid effort by Antoine Bibeau for his first career win on Thursday night, it's no secret the Leafs have some major question marks in net beyond Freddie Andersen. And while Andersen has been other-worldly over the last couple months, vaulting himself to a place among the league leaders in save percentage, Toronto has been riding him pretty hard, starting him in 29 of their 35 games so far.

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The Road to the Outdoor Classic - Episode 3 Review

December 31 2016 08:43AM

auston matthews road to outdoor episode 3

If you didn’t know it, hockey is a connector okay? So like it is a connector of space and time and cities. It is ALSO how players score, by their passes connecting. Wasn’t that so clever of the narrator to use the word “connect” several times to bring us this valuable information?

Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this or have ever talked to anyone about your hobbies or interests you are very aware of what connections can be and how they can be literal or figurative. Sorry, I’m already starting of heated and we haven’t even hit the jump yet.

Here’s the recap of episode three of The Road to the Outdoor Classics and here's Auston Matthews stretching in tiny shorts. Shoutout to Auston not caring about attire and just wanting to get his work in. 

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