Adam Brooks making unsurprising mockery of the WHL

Jeff Veillette
November 15 2016 11:31AM


The Toronto Maple Leafs' 2016 draft wasn't as obviously system-gaming as the 2015 class was, but that doesn't mean that they didn't get creative at all. That was shown perhaps most obviously with the selection of Adam Brooks, who was two months removed from turning 20 when the blue and white called on him with the 92nd overall selection.

Most of the stats-driven types had other names in mind, but were delighted with the selection nonetheless. Scout-driven types saw the rounding out of the system that happened throughout the second day and gave Brooks the benefit of the doubt as well. He was as unanimously approved of by the populace as any selection other than Auston Matthews could've been. So far, the gamble is looking pretty good.

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LGD: Subbanator Returns

Ryan Fancey
November 15 2016 10:40AM

Over the last few seasons, Leafs fans have probably spent a good amount of time being angry at P.K. Subban, but this year's a little different. While they'll surely want him to stay off the board this evening when the Preds visit Toronto, it's going to be fun to finally appreciate Subban's skill without having to see him in a divisional rival's sweater. 

The Predators were off to a tough start in October, which only added fuel to the debate over this summer's monstrous trade that brought P.K. to Nashville, but they've started to make a climb this month. For the Leafs it's a difficult game against a team that was viewed as a contender in plenty of pre-season rankings. 

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TLN Monday Mailbag: November 14th

Jeff Veillette
November 14 2016 08:33PM


The best way to minimize your own stress levels is to minimize the stress of those surrounding you. That might be some personal experience, that might be empathy for anybody who plays with Roman Polak, I'm not quite sure which just yet. Anyway, here are this weeks' mailbag questions:

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Top to Bottom: The Overachievers and Underachievers After One Month

Cam Lewis
November 14 2016 12:00PM

It's more of a 'Bottom to Top' but 'Top to Bottom' sounds better. This is a monthly feature where I'll do a dive into each team's underlying numbers to see if they match up with where they currently sit in the standings. 

It's been one month. At this point, we can, in most cases, start to see patterns unfolding that indicate whether teams are good or bad based largely on their underlying numbers. Still, though, one month isn't an entire season. While we can start to get a decent picture of what's going on, there are teams who haven't yet hit their stride, are struggling to adapt to new rosters or coaches, or are simply overachieving based on a hot goalie or strong performances due to a favourable schedule. Let's see who, after one month, is as good or as bad as their place in the standings indicates. 

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Furies Postgame: Furies Keep Inferno at Bay in Regulation, but Fall in OT

Katy Tearle
November 13 2016 02:02PM


A race for the puck in the corner boards. (Photo Credit: Laine Schuck / CWHL)

In the second of the back-to-back games against the Calgary Inferno, the Toronto Furies fought hard, keeping the Inferno at bay right up until the end. Like yesterday, the game went to OT. And like yesterday, the Inferno took the W. 

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