Projecting Auston Matthews' Scoring total in 2016-17

August 31 2016 10:04AM

There's now less than a month until NHL training camps open up and, and the first exhibition games will start getting played in late September.  That means Auston Matthews's debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs is getting pretty near.  While Auston's time spent playing in the World Cup may delay his first game with the Leafs by a week or so, it won't be long until Leafs fans finally get to see him don the blue and white. 

Expectations for the recent 1st overall pick are sky high, but Mike Babcock has tried to keep expectations in check by saying that Matthews will start the season on the third line.  Any player's production is going to be affected by their ice time, so just how many points the Leafs prized rookie can score is going to depend if (or, let's be honest, when) Matthews starts moving up the lineup.

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TLN Top 20 Prospects 2016: #3 William Nylander

Ryan Hobart
August 31 2016 07:00AM


William "Bill Ny" Nylander is the 3rd ranked player in this year's TLN Top 20 Prospects. Called by many the most skilled player in his draft year (which looks like it could prove to be true), the Leafs were ecstatic to select this young Swedish player, the son of former NHLer Michael Nylander. Since joining the Maple Leafs, Bill Ny has done nothing but impress.

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An (abridged) history of William Nylander's hair

Megan Kim
August 30 2016 03:15PM


We need to talk about William Nylander. Or, more to the point: We need to talk about William Nylander's hair.

Hockey, as a sport, is no stranger to fantastic hair. We've seen some truly incredible hair, from Jaromir Jagr's mullet to the strange styles that have emerged from Minnesota's All Hockey Hair Team. (If you've never stared in awe at the sheer oddities that high school boys subject their hair to in the name of hockey, click that link. You know you want to.)

In all the glorious history of hockey hair, though, have we ever seen any hair as sublime as William Nylander's? 

I would posit that we have not.

The key attribute to his hair -- aside from its lovely honey-gold color -- is that it simply always looks good, even in situations in which it shouldn't. 

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Aug 30, 2016 - Nick Kypreos

Steve Dangle
August 30 2016 02:50PM


On this episode, Nick Kypreos joins the show to talk about calling Steve a loser, PK Subban, the Oilers, Leafs, winning the Cup, old hockey stories, and why Doug MacLean is wrong.

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Eight Leafs ranked on ESPN's top 120 NHL prospects, Matthews ranked No. 2

Adam Laskaris
August 30 2016 01:55PM

"AUSTON MATTHEWS NOT #1? WOW, he must be wrong about everything!" might be your first reaction to Corey Pronman's Top 120 NHL propsect rankings for 2016-17, but if that's where your analysis ends, you're probably missing the point.

A day after ranking the Leafs 1st in his team prospect pool rankings, Matthews was ranked #2 by ESPN's Pronman behind, well, a certain Finnish Winnipeg Jet forward who went second behind Matthews in the draft. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise really, considering Pronman was one of just two major scouting services/outlets to rank Matthews second in his 2016 draft rankings, again, behind the guy who was ranked 1st.

It also doesn't really matter all that much.

At this point, we're mostly splitting hairs between the two top talents coming into the 2016-17 season, and a specific ranking or projection is just that: an educated guess about how a player will perform moving forward.

Eight Leafs were named in total, and the first three Leafs named were no surprise: Matthews second, Mitch Marner (at #5), and William Nylander (at #7).

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