The Steve Dangle Podcast - December 1, 2016 - Nair

Steve Dangle
December 01 2016 02:07PM


On this episode, the guys try to tinker with the Leafs after the fail against the Flames, talk about Hamilton, rumours, get a present, and discuss Nair.

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Operation Los Frankgeles - The case to vote Frank Corrado in as the Atlantic Division captain

Jeff Veillette
December 01 2016 01:07PM


There's been a lot of debate about the NHL's All-Star Game voting policies over the years. Like when people tried to vote for Rory Fitzpatrick and his votes mysteriously disappeared before he could get in. Or like when a bunch of 4chan members from /sp/ built a series of bots to vote in an all-Habs starting lineup to the game in Montreal, which gave us a Mike Komisarek overtime penalty. Or, most recently and famously, John Scott last year.

I think we can all agree that the All-Star Game doesn't need another John Scott. But it might need Frank Corrado.

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The Leafs' Statistical Progression In November, As A Team

Jeff Veillette
December 01 2016 12:31PM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

November is officially behind the Toronto Maple Leafs. Over the course of those 30 days, the team went 8-5-1 and gave everybody a heck of a lot to be excited about, even if that 7-0 loss to the Kings made life feel temporarily pointless. With December's games soon to be underway and the Leafs sitting a point out of a Wildcard spot, I figured it would be interesting to compare where the Leafs stand now to where they did before. We'll be breaking this up into two posts, with this one covering just the team's statistics. Let's dive in!

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Leafs Postgame: Back-to-back blues

Ryan Fancey
November 30 2016 09:12PM

The Saddledome hasn't been a kind place to the Leafs over the last number of years, and considering they were on the second half of the Alberta back-to-back, it felt like tonight was a prime candidate for a letdown game. 

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LGD: Teach Me How To Dougie

Jeff Veillette
November 30 2016 02:19PM

Now that the Oilers are over and done with, the Leafs travel across Alberta to take on the Calgary Flames. That's a little less interesting from a hockey perspective, but with Dougie Hamilton and Brian Burke both being things, storylines are flying high tonight. Here's what'll be going down:

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