What the Maple Leafs can learn from Steven Stamkos' decision to stay in Tampa Bay

Thomas Drance
June 29 2016 04:47PM

Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

Not to rehash the old Space Balls bit into oblivion, but it turns out that your cousin's milksman's fellow parishioner's third husband's personal trainer - who knows Steve Stamkos and swears that he wants to come play in Toronto - was incorrect.

On Wednesday afternoon, as you've probably already heard, Stamkos made the decision to stay in Tampa Bay on an eight-year contract worth $68 million dollars. We still haven't seen what the structure of that deal looks like, but Craig Custance is reporting that it includes a no-movement clause.

The Stamkos contract seems to be something of a steal for Tampa Bay cost wise. An $8.5 million annual average value for eight unrestricted free agent seasons from the NHL's premiere marksman is a tidy bit of business for the Lightning. And it seems that Tampa Bay didn't even need to wield their eight-year cudgel to outbid rival suitors. If you take the total value of Stamkos' contract and extrapolate it over seven years - the maximum term any other team would've been able to hand out - the annual average value still falls short of $10 million. He left money on the table, that seems to be certain.

So how did the Lightning manage to play this so well? And what can the Maple Leafs learn from it?

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WWYDW: What now?

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2016 03:00PM

We're going to keep today's WWYDW very simple. After all, we all knew from the start what today's topic was going to be, it was just a matter of how it was approached.

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REPORT: Steven Stamkos to stay in Tampa Bay

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2016 02:22PM

The National Hockey League has hit peak insanity today. The Edmonton Oilers traded Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson in what was immediately called the worst 1-for-1 trade in NHL history. Minutes later, the Montreal Canadiens traded PK Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber in what was immediately called a competitor for the worst 1-for-1 trade in NHL history.

It was all fun and games. But now, it looks like the Leafs had a loss of their own, as Steven Stamkos has decided to stay in Tampa Bay.

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Stammergeddon kicks into high gear with rumours of in-person meeting

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2016 12:51PM


Things are about to get real in Toronto, as the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons has reported that Steven Stamkos went beyond the reach of Don Meehan's Newport offices to meet with the Toronto Maple Leafs today.

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Matt Martin is underrated, so don't sign him

Jeff Veillette
June 29 2016 10:56AM

Photo Credit: Brad Penner / USA TODAY SPORTS

Contrary to popular belief, there are Unrestricted Free Agents on the market that aren't named Steven Stamkos. One of those players is New York Islanders forward Matt Martin, who according to David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period and Arthur Staples of Newsday, has attracted interest from the Toronto Maple Leafs, among other teams.

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