LGD: Roadie to Senskatchewan

Jeff Veillette
October 04 2016 10:25AM

Photo Credit: Marc DesRosiers/USA TODAY SPORTS

The "Toronto Maple Leafs go places" tour continues today, with the blue and white heading into Saskatoon, a place I've heard is great but have somehow not been to in any of my stops through Saskatchewan. Fans are riding high on the last two games, a blowout in Buffalo and a Corsi blowout in at the ACC against the Habs. Let's see what the Leafs have ahead of them if they want to bring their preseason winning streak to three.

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TLN Monday Mailbag: October 3rd

Jeff Veillette
October 03 2016 03:57PM


As is tradition, the pre-jump paragraph of this week's mailbag has nothing to do with anything. May as well put it to some use, though, and ask an important question: for those of you that live here, what is "your" Toronto? The perimeter that you feel comfortable in, that if you escape, it may as well be another country? I was thinking about this today on the way to Mastercard Centre to watch Toronto Marles camp, as I once again acknowledged to myself that Etobicoke may as well be Siberia.

As someone who grew up in a more central part of the city, my North/South is vaster than most, but my East/West is narrower. My perimeter, honestly speaking, is probably the full Lake Shore to Steeles on latitude end, but I start to lose grip of reality as soon as you pass Bayview/Sherbourne on the east and Keele, occasionally Jane on the west.

I'm just curious to where others stand on this non-pressing issue.

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Jonathan Willis
October 03 2016 03:00PM


We're still waiting for real hockey games, but there won't be a dull day off the ice between now and the start of the NHL regular season. Monday kicks off another week and another batch of players for the waiver wire.

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Breaking Down Summer 2016: Pacific Division

Cam Lewis
October 03 2016 12:00PM

This article is part of a four-part series that lists all of the transactions made by each NHL team and discusses what each team’s offseason means in the context of their division. Information and data was taken from: NHL Numbers, Hockey Reference, General Fanager, Hockey Analysis, Corsica, TSN, and Rotowire. Also, a special thanks to Sean Tierney who provided data visualization for the series. 

Everything went according to plan in the Pacific Division last season. 

The Californian teams dominated, as the Kings and Sharks found the stride that they had misplaced in 2014-15 and the Ducks continued to roll despite a terrible start. The Flames fell back down to earth and the Canucks showed signs of aging, joining the perpetually rebuilding Oilers and the tank-happy Coyotes at the bottom of the standings. 

This year is bound to be a little more complicated. The Sharks and Kings look to be as strong as they were last season, but the Ducks have struggled mightily with the threat of the expansion draft, and the Coyotes, Oilers and Flames each made strides to improve themselves around their core of young talent. 

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Why I Believe in Frank Corrado

Jeff Veillette
October 03 2016 08:55AM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

"This is boring. Hockey is dead." I said with a defeated tone in my voice, after watching Team Canada cruise to a semi-final victory during the World Cup of Hockey, after realizing that Mike Babcock with talented players is so brilliant that the game becomes too simple to enjoy. "Always believe in hockey, Jeff!" exclaimed resident TLN video-shouter and podcaster Steve 'Dangle' Glynn from the other side of the press box.

My counter-response was out of left field but began a movement. "I believe in Frank Corrado".

Since then, those off-hand words have been repeated many times in meme-like fashion on Twitter, as I attempt to at least begin moving the needle on the young man's perception. But make no mistake, this is no joke. Frank Corrado is a good hockey player and he's going to be a good Leafs defenceman this year.

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