Oilers vs Leafs rematch gets picked up by NBCSN

Zach Laing
November 11 2016 07:00AM

NBCSN has announced they have added the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs November 29th matchup to their schedule.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
November 11 2016 05:00AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 6.27.54 AM

Breaking down the brawl in the Canucks Leafs game, how did Kadri escape suspension, Canucks need to score, Trouba finally signs, Flames prospect updates, Oilers are legit, Gretzky talks McDavid, early 2017 draft rankings, interview with former Canadiens stats guy, lots of fights and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Nov 10, 2016 - Glass Case of Emotion

Steve Dangle
November 10 2016 06:02PM


On this episode... where do we even start? 

The first segment is a discussion we needed to have, followed by Leafs and hockey goodness. Then Lib Vig. Plus LuvUDangler. Plus 50 Shades. It got silly. Mayyybe don't let your kids hear the online portion.

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How Good Are The Leafs: October Edition

Dom Luszczyszyn
November 10 2016 08:10AM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

One of the biggest topics of discussion among Leafs fans after the first month of the season is centred around just how good this team is.

There's many out there who remember last year's futility and think this year will be more of the same, especially with that defence. It'll be a while before they compete.

There are others who think this team can be competitive this season but ultimately don't have the talent or depth to make it to the post-season. Maybe next year, but it could be close.

Then there are the optimists that are hell bent on the fact that #TheLeafsAreActuallyGood and the pain is over. Playoffs could come as soon as this season.

How good are they really?

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LFR10 - Game 13 - Nothing Good on TV - LA 7, Tor 0

Steve Dangle
November 09 2016 06:28PM

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.58.01 PM

Let's kill five minutes together.

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