Auston Matthews signs Entry Level Contract

Jeff Veillette
July 21 2016 11:40AM

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig/USA TODAY SPORTS

It looks like the speculation was much ado about nothing. The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Auston Matthews to a three-year entry Level contract this afternoon.

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What is (and isn't) concerning about Auston Matthews' contract process

Jeff Veillette
July 21 2016 09:36AM

Photo Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig/USA TODAY SPORTS

It is now July 21st, and the Toronto Maple Leafs still haven't signed Auston Matthews to his Entry Level Contract. Naturally, there's been a bit of concern in Toronto about this fact, seeing as winning the lottery and drafting the kid from Scottsdale is the only supreme, unasterisked bright spot the fanbase has had in this generation of Leafs hockey.

Those concerns were amplified last night, thanks to Kevin McGran's article "Leafs' Lamoriello balks at bonus demands of Auston Matthews". Now, I think that title paints Matthews in a negative light that it shouldn't, but most newspaper titles aren't the decision of the author, so we'll pass on going after Kevin for it and jump straight into the content, which seems to add credence to the theory that we've all been speculating on.

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Marlies sign Cameranesi, Corrin to AHL contracts

Jeff Veillette
July 20 2016 06:53PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Marlies continue their push to sign just about every available prospect unclaimed by an NHL team, signing Tony Cameranesi and Willie Corrin to one-year contracts this evening.

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WWYDW: Take The Lead

Jeff Veillette
July 20 2016 09:02AM

We posted some of our takes, now it's time for some of yours. With Dion Phaneuf now five months removed from being a member of the Leafs, Toronto is approaching a new season without a named captain.

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TLN 2016 Prospect Rankings: Have your say!

Jeff Veillette
July 19 2016 12:07PM

Our favourite part of the off-season is approaching. In just a few weeks, we'll be revealing our 2016 TLN Prospect Rankings! With a ton of new talents in the system that weren't around a year ago, we're very excited to see how this ends up.

This time, though, we'd like to have your say as well.

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