Can the Leafs make a play for Shattenkirk?

Ryan Fancey
January 11 2016 02:03PM

If you look at the Leafs' current roster, in terms of pure talent, they're probably lacking the most in their forward group. While Babcock has been able to roll over lines that are much better than expected in terms of pushing play in the right direction, it's been no secret that finishing power and any sort of major playmaking ability is still what they need the most. However, if you view things from a little higher up, it's actually the blue line where this organization as a whole is the weakest. 

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TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects Midterm Rankings: Honourable Mentions

Justin Fisher
January 11 2016 09:04AM

As we approach the half-way point of the Toronto Maple Leafs' season this Wednesday, there's no better time to take stock of the organization's best young talent. In our preseason rankings, we saw a huge number of 2015 draftees debut on the list and displace a lot of incumbents. Now we see, after a half-season, we see who's made big impressions and who's disappointed. 

In past years, we've had more complicated criteria for defining a prospect. At the start of this season, we decided to simplify things and go by Calder Trophy eligibility. Essentially, if you're eligible to win Rookie of the Year honours, you're eligible for our list. As such, one name you might expect to see but won't is 22-year old Joshua Leivo. Two brief stints in the NHL makes him ineligible. 

As for who actually took part in these rankings, nine of our writers submitted lists - Jeff Veillette, Jon Steitzer, Ryan Fancey, Cat Silverman, Bobby Cappuccino, Shawn Reis, Adam Laskaris, Tom Hunter and myself.

So, can Mitch Marner hold on to the top spot? How does the trading away of Carter Verhaeghe and Matt Finn affect the results? Have any goalies impressed enough to crack the list?

It'll be very interesting to see how things play out, but before we really get into it, let's take a look at the prospects who just missed out on the Top 20 list. Here are our honourable mentions... players that received votes from our staff, but didn't accumulate enough points to stick.

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Leivo Recalled and van Riemsdyk Broken

Jon Steitzer
January 11 2016 08:15AM

You know it's a bad Monday morning when you wake up to learn about David Bowie passing away. Your Monday doesn't get any better when you read this...

Yes, it's been fun watching the Leafs play the role of the plucky underdog who manages to find more wins than anyone reasonably expected them to, but with JVR out until March, it's time to shift our attention back to tanking.

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Monday Mailbag: Justin Answers The Heck Out Of Your Questions

Justin Fisher
January 11 2016 06:50AM


It's Monday, and that means it's mailbag day. I'll be taking over for Jeff this week, and look for other members of the TLN writing staff to take the wheel in future weeks as well. They're all (relatively) smart people and they all have (relatively) good opinions (sometimes).

Let's get to it.

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Feeding Frenzy...

January 10 2016 09:31AM


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