Leafs Postgame: Toronto Owns Texas Now

Justin Fisher
November 10 2015 10:00PM


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's a good thing that the Toronto Maple Leafs aren't in the Western Conference because I don't think the Dallas Stars would sleep very easy. In fact, the Stars couldn't be any happier to not see the Leafs again this season, having dropped both of their games against the blue and white.

Put that into perspective, please. The Stars are tied for second in the league. The Leafs sit second last. Toronto is responsible for half of all Dallas losses this season while Dallas accounts for two of three of Toronto's wins. Toronto owns Dallas.

Anyways, Leafs win 3-2! Here's the rundown...

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Nov 10, 2015 - Steroids Are Dope

Steve Dangle
November 10 2015 09:36PM


On this episode, Steve tells awkward HHOF stories, there is much Stamkos talk, Russia and steroids, the Marlies, and more.

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LGD: Leafs Travel to Texas

Cat Silverman
November 10 2015 01:25PM

Last season, I had the Stars as my sleeper playoff threat - so naturally Kari Lehtonen looked like a hot mess, the team's defense was forgettable and (at times) downright upsetting aside from John Klingberg, and Tyler Seguin, Val Nichushkin, and Patrik Nemeth all missed significant time. 

This year, I figured the swap of Johnny Oduya and Trevor Daley was too much of a lateral movement to have much of an impact. I figured they're remain a poor possession team, getting marginally better without Ryan Garbutt but continuing to need a ton of work. 

Instead, they're tearing it up. 

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Three big goaltender trade targets for the Leafs

Ryan Fancey
November 10 2015 07:53AM

The Leafs have been a bit of a strange beast this season. They've lost a lot, like we thought they would. They've had trouble scoring goals, like we thought they would. But one area where the sense was they should be set up quite well, between the pipes, has been getting a lot of attention in the last week, and now there are rumblings of the team looking to make some changes there with the long term in mind.

First off, we have to note that James Reimer is having a good November so a section of Leafs fans don't try to burn down my house. But it's tough to say if the team has anyone in the organization they feel is reliable in terms of turning out quality starts consistently over the next couple years as they try to turn the corner and call up more highly-skilled youngsters. It seems they're not convinced.

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Monday Mailbag: The Great Mailbag Heist of 2015

Jon Steitzer
November 09 2015 06:24PM

This week I decided to give ol’ Jeffy boy a well deserved break from the mailbag. You can only answer so many questions about which Marlie will be the next call up. The result of said takeover was a number of replies disappointed that Bobby Cappuccino or literally any other TLN writer didn’t get the mailbag duty instead. For those people this post will be like the Leafs season, full of disappointment. For the rest of you, enjoy the handsome answers to questions by beautiful people.

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