Marlies get revenge in the form of goals in blowout victory

Jeff Veillette
May 10 2016 08:24PM


There's a difference between "setting the tone" and "crossing the line". The Albany Devils have spent the bulk of this series riding the grey areas in this regard, escalating pushing and shoving to attempts to injure on more than a few occasions. That became most apparent in tonight's game, but rather than losing control, the Toronto Marlies got their revenge where it hurts the most; the scoresheet. Thanks to a potent powerplay, the blue and white managed to run away with a commanding 7-2 victory to tie the series at two.

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Andreas Johnson victim of dangerous hit in Marlies playoff game

Jeff Veillette
May 10 2016 06:46PM


The Toronto Marlies have had their most impactful game of the series on the scoresheet tonight, and the Albany Devils are none to pleased. In what may have been an attempt to set the tone physically, Albany defenceman Dan Kelly crossed the line with a dangerous hit that left Leafs prospect Andreas Johnson motionless in just his second professional game in North America.

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MGD: Dermy's Debut

Jeff Veillette
May 10 2016 04:06PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

Once again, the Toronto Marlies find themselves back in the hot seat, down 2-1 in their series against Albany with two more games before they could so much as bring the series back to Toronto. What's worse is that they've lost one of their most consistent defencemen to injury in Stuart Percy. In his place, however, comes a young man looking to open his first chapter with the Leafs organization.

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Auston Matthews Met With The Leafs

Shawn Reis
May 10 2016 03:12PM

Auston Matthews and the Leafs are starting to get to know each other.

Matthews, the presumptive first overall pick of the Leafs in this June's draft, told TSN's Darren Dreger in a one-on-one interview that he met with both Lou Lamoriello and Mark Hunter while in Russia for the World Championships.

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What the Marlies need to address in order to turn around their series

Jess Pincente
May 09 2016 07:02PM

Photo Credit: Christian Bonin/

The Toronto Marlies have dug themselves into a hole that a lot of people may not have predicted they would be in at the start of the playoffs.

Down 2-1 in their second-round series against the Albany Devils, the Marlies will need to adjust to their opponents style of play and successfully counter-attack in order to come out of the series on top.  Though Toronto has come within a goal in both of their losses, Albany has picked apart the Marlies' defensive structure and pushed the team to their limit.  Albany has outshot Toronto 111-92 through 3 games, but scoring is tied in the series at 8 goals a piece.  The past three games have been a bloodbath, and the intensity should only increase heading into game four on Tuesday.  

Individual mistakes have greater consequences in the playoffs, and even more so in a series such as this one. Albany is a strong team; they are positionally sound and quick to the puck.  Now more than ever, Toronto will need to tighten up defensively while putting on a strong push offensively.  The Marlies will need to put their losses behind them, correct their past mistakes and move forward in the series. 

So... exactly what have their past mistakes been, and how do they correct them?

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