LGD: The Not So Big, Not So Bad Boston Bruins Come to Toronto

Justin Fisher
March 26 2016 11:14AM

Tonight's game is rather insignificant from the Toronto's perspective. There's no Stanley Cup to be won this year, and say what you will about fighting for jobs next season but the vast majority of this group either won't be back at all or will simply inherit roster spots by default. That said, playing the spoiler is always fun, and Toronto will have an opportunity to do just that tonight when they host the Bruins.

This is a reeling Boston squad that's barely holding on to a playoff spot. Currently holding the third seed in the Atlantic Division with 86 points, the Detroit Red Wings sit only one point behind the B's with a game in hand. And while the rest of the Atlantic lags far behind, the Metropolitan Division has a number of teams in the wild card mix that could easily force the Bruins out of the postseason entirely. Boston have lost five straight games in regulation and desperately need a win tonight, against what should be an easy opponent, if they have any playoff aspirations.

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TLN Roundtable: Let's Talk About That 4th Overall Pick Again

Justin Fisher
March 25 2016 06:04PM


Earlier in the week during the Monday Mailbag, I was asked who I would draft if I held the fourth overall pick in the upcoming 2016 Draft (to which I answered Matthew Tkachuk, which is apparently wrong). We followed up on this again in Wednesday's WWYDW article and it garnered an enormous response from you fine folks. Today, we're going back to that same well (perhaps out of laziness) and asking some of our own staff who they'd pick if it were them on the draft floor. They did have some pretty strong opinions earlier in the week, so this should be fun.

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How Toronto's systems shift unearthed a more impactful Tyler Bozak

Jeff Veillette
March 25 2016 02:00PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY SPORTS

When Tyler Bozak stepped onto the ice at the Air Canada Centre last night, he wasn't quite sure what he was going to bring to the table. "It sucks watching and waiting and skating and not being ready to play, but it's nice to be ready, and hopefully I don't hold the kids back too much," Bozak said after the previous morning's practice. "I'm probably going to take a period to get everything back."

Four minutes later, the first of his team-leading five shots on net was placed firmly into the back of Anaheims's net; the first of two for him and six for the Leafs. Once again, it came from a spot that he would never have been in last season.

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We've Got New TLN Merch For You!

Justin Fisher
March 25 2016 12:00PM

NationGear x TLN

What do you know about the Nation Network? Well, you know it's a kick-ass family of websites that cover a bunch of different (mostly non-playoff) hockey teams - but did you know the Nation wants to make sure that when you do tear yourself away from our hot hockey takes and go outside, you look good too?

It's true! That's what NationGear is all about. Put that shersey away, son. We got you.

And finally - finally - we have some new TLN and Leafs-inspired gear to share with you. We're not talking one crummy t-shirt, either... we're talking a whole lineup of sick threads, with even more arriving shortly. The best part, though? A portion of all proceeds will go to Earth Group in an effort to help provide life essentials to needy folks around the world. You get to look good and do good when you cop from us.

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Leafs Return Leivo to Marlies

Shawn Reis
March 25 2016 09:34AM


No, haha, I'm just kidding.  In a move that was only a matter of time, the Leafs announced today that they have returned forward Josh Leivo to the Toronto Marlies.  Leivo played a trio of games with the club on emergency recall in the wake of injuries to Leo Komarov, Peter Holland, Nikita Soshnikov, and Brad Boyes.  That means with Leivo being sent back down, one of them appears set to return.

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