Carter Ashton, Troy Bodie, Replacement Players, and Jay McClement

Cam Charron
October 09 2013 12:43PM

Joffrey Lupul has become the latest Maple Leaf to suffer an injury during the Leafs' mini cap crunch. He missed practice this morning with a "bruised calf" and is day-to-day, travelling with the team to Nashville and it's conceivable he may play, but are the Leafs ever scrambling for depth early on in the season so far.

So far the team has had to use Troy Bodie, Trevor Smith, Jamie Devane and Spencer Abbott in place of Nik Kulemin (chipped bone in ankle), Carter Ashton (broken nose), Jay McClement (paternity leave) and Frazer McLaren (who cares). So far the new guys have acquainted themselves well to depth positions on an NHL roster.

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Draft Street and the Nations

Kent Wilson
October 09 2013 11:10AM



Due to popular demand Draft Street is back on the Nations. We ran some Free Rolls for DS last year and got some really good feedback, so we approached them about getting this going again for us again this year. They finally acquiesced when I threatened to send Wanye to their house with a bullhorn and a clown costume.

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LFR7 - Game 4 - No Time To Panic - Col 2, Tor 1

Steve Dangle
October 09 2013 10:29AM


The Leafs suffered their first loss of the season and Jake Gardiner might be getting traded. Excuse me while I panic and cry and barf.

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Come Watch Hockey With Us!

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 09 2013 10:12AM

Do you like the Toronto Maple Leafs? Do you like hanging out with people? Do you like free food? If you answered no to all three of these questions, you're either being a jerk, or the rest of this post isn't for you.

If you said YES to all three of these ideas, or at least one or two of them with enough strength to overwhelm the ones that you don't, I have an invitation to drop off to somebody who reads this: 

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LEAFS POSTGAME - A reversal of fortunes in 2-1 loss to Colorado

Blake Murphy
October 08 2013 08:33PM


There was plenty of talk in the offseason about how the Toronto Maple Leafs' possession statistics weren't sustainable and that the Leafs, constantly being outshot and out-attempted, were due for some regression if they didn't change their style of play.

However, regression doesn't mean "you were lucky before, now you'll be unlucky." Instead, you simply assume things will return to a more normal-ish state of affairs.

On Tuesday, though, the Leafs got a taste of their own medicine, out-attempting Colorado in a game that it felt like they had more control of, only to run into a hot goalie in Semyon Varlamov. The Leafs fell 2-1 to Colorado, seeing their perfect record fall to 3-1-0 while the impressive young Avalanche move to 3-0-0.

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