What Would You Do Wednesday - Let's Start Some Trade Rumours

Justin Fisher
October 08 2014 06:23AM


It's a hell of a day, people. Not only does the regular season kick off tonight, but we've also got a new weekly feature to roll out. Every Wednesday is now What Would You Do Wednesdays, where TLN will describe a fantastical scenario and you, the reader, will let us know how you would handle it in the comments below.

Here's where it gets fun. Once you provide us with your answer, everybody on the entire internet will read it. Then they will give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Then you will become very famous and popular and all the boys and/or girls at school and/or work will be very attracted to you. It's that easy.

Ready? Let's do it.

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Leafs vs Habs & The Walking Dead all rolled into one...

October 07 2014 08:18PM


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Time for predictions!

Ryan Fancey
October 07 2014 08:09PM


(photo courtesy of Jon's brain)

With the puck dropping Wednesday night to start the NHL season, everyone is scrambling to get their predictions out there for the world to see. Here at TLN, we're no different, and it's time we got in on the fun.

Go ahead and scroll down for our Eastern Conference standings predictions, along with a quick defence from each writer on their Leafs ranking.

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Viktor Loov is a Toronto Marlie After All

Justin Fisher
October 07 2014 07:39PM

Truthfully, the title could have just as easily read "Marlies trade William Nylander to MODO for Viktor Loov."

From the always cool and informative Chris Johnston of Sportsnet...

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Extra! Extra! We Got a New Writer!

Justin Fisher
October 07 2014 06:20PM

After pouring through nearly a hundred applications and putting five talented finalists through the wringer, it is my great privilege to announce that the Next TLN Blogger contest has come to a close.

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