Tyler Bozak and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Training Camp

Jon Steitzer
September 15 2015 09:52AM


In an attempt to expand our readership to include younger Leafs fans we've decided to add a story time feature to The Leafs Nation. So grab some arrowroot cookies and a sippy cup of juice and share in the adventures of Tyler Bozak's first Leafs training camp without Phil Kessel.

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Monday Mailbag: Best For Last

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 14 2015 03:52PM


After a rough start in the rookie tournament, the Leafs managed to end things on a high note. Their star prospects proved their salt, some smaller names had their moments, and now the surviving group will make its way to Halifax to have training camp with the big boys. We'll see who makes the cut and how they decide it - personally, I think they should cut anyone who can't run up the Danger Wave on the first try.

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TLN Player Profiles: D Martin Marincin

Shawn Reis
September 14 2015 11:00AM

Our roster player preview posts kick off today with a newly-acquired Leaf that I'm personally very excited about.  The Leafs got him for a small price, but he could end up playing a very important and effective role for the team this season and beyond.  Read past the jump to find out all about why I'm such a big fan of new Toronto blueliner Martin Marincin.

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Leafs Make First Wave of Roster Moves

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 14 2015 08:47AM

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With the London Rookie Tournament now a thing of the past, it's about time for the Toronto Maple Leafs to decide the fates of their rookie class. The team took the first step towards that today, making its initial wave of roster moves.

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TLN Player Power Rankings: Pre-Preseason Edition

Jon Steitzer
September 14 2015 07:37AM

Your long wait is finally over. I have finally been told that it's time to start writing Player Power Rankings again. And since it's been such a long time since the last one, I've forgotten that I usually stick to relatively brief snark before giving you that giffy goodness you crave so much.

Since there are a number of new faces in the lineup I figured each player deserves a bit more of my attention than usual, and with the upcoming TLN Player Profiles this week, this is also my chance to weigh in on the players that I don't get the chance to write about at length. 

So sit back and relax as we embark on the first of many Player Power Ranking adventures we will take together this season.

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